Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lowell Aromin


sorry for the late update here. anyway, Maya is running smooth again…


drawn on paper…


still in progress…


very nice buildings Lowell !!! very nice !


Just dropping by to give you an extra boost of energy Lowell…Not that it looks like you need it…Your giving this a wonderful scope and scale,and following through little by little,the promise of this being very nice is there,and thus far you are keeping up with the promise Loweel,real nice effortsnad it’s showing up in your work…Keep digging away,it’s coming out real nice…:arteest:


All my encouragements for your GSO, good modeling
good road for thecontinuation


greentek: thanks Paul, much appreciated.:thumbsup:
virtuoso: thanks a lot, you never cease to give inspiring words…and having that much energy. keep that spirit up.:scream:
tranchefeux: thank you for the soft words…good luck to your 2D entry too…“very intricate”.:thumbsup:


done modeling this one…


You’re in Progress! Just a tip about zoning the buildings (site planning), segregate the commercial, business, military base, habitations, etc into each zone. Maybe your BRIDGE as the Main Node.:applause:


better again Lowell…I like the look very much,clean and smooth,and I like the shape,the size proportions too give it a nice sturdy look,beefy and at the same time fluid…Nice work,keep it up strong…:arteest:


nice modelling process the ships are great and the concept amazing i also like very much the buildings

this is gonna be great in the final image:thumbsup:


no-j: thanks a LOT!..especially about the tip. i’ll definitely going to work that out right now. i never came across that thing. my first idea was a little vague and scattered…building here…building there. now, i need some real site planning, whew! that’s the answer! excellent thought and thanks a lot again for the support. i’ll keep you posted as soon as possible.:buttrock:

virtuoso: thanks so much friend. not only “virtuoso” in cg but also “virtuoso” in keeping the community alive. i appreciate that. more power to you Michael!:buttrock:

lelantos: thanks dude. this is the right time to practice a lot of modeling.:thumbsup:


great model and great modeling Lowell !!:thumbsup:
keep it up man!


Congratulations!! Very nice tutorial to show your WIP on that ship, which is great!! I really like the ship design! I can’t wait to see it textured!! Good luck for you too amigo!!


Nice modeling process of your ship , is coming along really nice with great details , the overall design in your ship is cool . Keep on rocking :bounce:


Wow it looks very cool, I like the mecanics of your starship, smart idea, I would like to see more of your work. I am working now in the my city, I am looking for the right textures for my solids. may be you could give my a hand.

Nice work.

Sanake Farlow. The rogue.


I really like your ship, r you planning on keeping in low poly or are you waiting till after you texture to smooth? Cool idea with the layout.


Very nice modelling, Lowell! Looks very, very nice - great design of your ship, too!:thumbsup:

…looking forward to see the progress here…

Best wishes - keep it up!:bounce:


…just some behind-the-scene…
…i’ll be updating soon…
thanks for the support.


greentek: thanks again and again dude! keep on going too.
pBarrelas: gracias amigo, am always glad to hear from you. texturing is on-going! thanks
adr: thanks a lot. good luck and let’s rock!
SnakeFarlow: thank you Snake… cool name! as for the right textures…i’m a begginer on that. you can refer on these excellent guys… Virtuoso,no-j, or saschi… check them out there.
neble: hi friend, glad you like it. i think i’ll go for low-poly since my system is not that high, but let see what happen. thanks.
saschi: thanks for dropping by man. much appreciated

thanks a lot guys!..have to steal a lot of time this week…