Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lowell Aromin


i lifted the base of the “bridge” for some security reason. LOL


gracias muchos rafa[color=White]! i just use a pointlight in maya then [/color][color=White]turn off the intensity [/color][color=White]and view from there.:slight_smile: [/color]


Hi Lowell…Well this is quite “grand”…It’s interesting to see such scope…

My thoughts are going two ways with this thus far…One side loves the grand scope…The other feels like all the “Essential” main primary models will be lost due to distance and size…As of now those buildings could be ants…I think that you will have to build tiny roads,walkways intersecting every which way…To flesh it all out,otherwise the whole thing loses any realism…Plus your planned central figures should be closer to the front,or foreground…Perhaps you could shift your bridge and other main models to the foreground,with a small group of buildings just in front of it,showing that there is more off screen as well,and than have your vast city scape just behind the central buildings in the middle and backgrounds…This way the focus will be on the main pieces and the scope you are going for will still be in…It’s a tough call,but that’s one guys thoughts here,some shifting of the models would be better…Just my 2 cents…I know that you have more plans beyond what I know,so all I have said could be for nothing,but as I see it I think shifting of the models placement would work better…:shrug: :slight_smile:

Either case,I like the ambition and overall idea,plus the work you have done,it’s interesting and the potential is very nice…I’ll be back for more,all the best…:arteest:


oh shoot! thanks michael for the reminders, my memory is not working right now! yes i’m going to buid roads, walkways and etc and lots of them. i think my central figure is not yet final so, i can move it a little instead. whew…now i really need to have a fix camera. thanks a lot again… oooops my connection is logging off! THANKS:thumbsup:


looking good , your scene has huge scale …good work !keep goin!


Wow ! looks really cool ! I love the concept of a really really near planet from another…


… added another “bridge”
c&c’s are very much welcome!


studying where to place some buildings, roads, and crowds if i can. and i also scaled the moon a little and bring it closer to the main scene.

c&c’ are very much welcome.


the light blue circles indicate the places where “bridges” should be added. i think this is my final assesment for my scene.

your welcome to share your thoughts thanks!


thanks monsitj, i think i have to stick to my primary plan. btw, am impressed on your last entry, i’ll be expecting another eye-candy from you. thanks much. and good luck to you:buttrock:

grepper[color=White], am glad you like it. yup, and no need for space telescope if the moon is so near…:thumbsup:

okay…[color=Silver]michael[color=White], i’ve tried some but not all, just the camera placements and i added another bridge near my primary cam… so no need to move my central base bridge:shrug:. :smiley: … well, i have to put now my building and stuff…thanks![/color]


Dammit that’s a cool idea. :buttrock: Are the ‘mountains’ on the ground cities? Looks nice so far.



hi! good stuff! your scene give a sense of huge scale! and camera angle is dynamic !can’t wait to see more!! good luck


keetmun, yes they are cities… thanks!:thumbsup:
thank you for inspiration monsitj. need to move faster now…:smiley: .


some few holes on the moon…


… little update


Good modeling Lowell, and i like your concept too!! Keep on!:thumbsup:


Yep very cool idea man!!!
Don’t know much about 3d:sad: (and ihope i will in the future!!)
But it looks very nice to!
Maybe it could be cool if these bridges are made out of some kind of enrgy or something like that.
Like an sort of energiefields keeping those planets together without hurting eachother…
B’ell back:thumbsup: :smiley:

My Grint Spacepra:


thank you paulo! there’s so much work to be done. good luck to you too.:beer:
thanks for dropping by, remko. glad to hear some more ideas. nice thought on that. thanks. i’ll see what i can do.:thumbsup:

thanks a lot guys!


bit of change plan at the moon…
c&c are welcome…thanks!


great stuff Lowell !!! :thumbsup: it’s obvious your scene is going to be very grand…
can’t crit or suggest anything untill texturing/lighting stage… after that i’ll try to put my two cents… :smiley:
great work mate and keep it up!