Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lowell Aromin


looks good man:)
Though you might wanne smoothen the bridge a little :wink:


Interesting idea… I`ll look forward to see more, good luck :thumbsup:


d-tox[color=White], thanks a lot. i’ll try to, next time. my machine is the slowest here am sure. thanks:thumbsup:
Nomad, idea is not a problem, the problem is sometimes they crowded you hehheheh. thanks, looking forward to yours as well. :buttrock:


sorry about that image… just came to me suddenly. just some few terraces surrounding the base.


that will look great textured =) great modeling


Coming along quite well Lowell…Grand and interesting,a nice fresh concept,the scale and viewpoint are nice.i’ll follow as you progress,it’s coming along nicely…:arteest:


lighting test using mental ray and a bit of ps.


these porter ships carries passenger to the main tranShip


thank you Michael[color=White], still trying to steal some time! and… more… coffee:thumbsup:[/color]


looking good pal, looks kind of Kaena’s world, u can explode more the idea, keep it coming :thumbsup:


Way to go! Its getting form!


vrhead, there’s still more modeling and modeling… etc… on the way. thanks man!:thumbsup:

bernardo d, i’ve just checked on kaena. they did a good job on the scene / characters… etc. plan to watch the movie too. thanks for the plug… i still need to digest ideas.:thumbsup:

no-j, thanks for watching… i owe you, thanks very “Grand”…:D.

uwil[color=White], hey you… what the he… GO BACK TO WORK!..[/color]


Wow, everything’s looking good… great modeling, that’s been a lot of work! :slight_smile: Claireabella


Wow Uwil, an incredible concept indeed! I really dig it.



claireabella[color=White], thanks for the kind word, appreciate it. hehehh…every body here is working a lot since the kickoff! thanks!:thumbsup:
daniel, so glad you like it and found it. still blocking out some ideas and more modeling! let’s move on. thanks a lot.:thumbsup:[/color]


just a bit of update


Awesome work… I really like it. Keep the updates comig!


Hey, very cool idea!!! And the sense of scale is really impressive. I really want to see how this will progress.




Good idea, I don´t know how that´s view prefere.
Good look .


thanks muchy kamen[color=White], i’ll be updating as long my internet connection is available. thanks again :thumbsup:

hi there too [color=Silver]stefano![color=White] always my pleasure to push my limits. thanks :thumbsup:… oh! do we have limits?..heheh.[/color]