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color coding again, painted a faint gray for sub-cities
the glowing blue is for the moon city entrance, the green are just ref for the ships light. white lines is walkways and highways. maybe this is the last concept, i’ll just add models and etc to my scene…if i have time.

keetmun, that was a really low-quality image. i don’t like it. thanks.


okay here’s what i’ve come up.

title: the bridge

people connect the moon to us by means of simple structures. it will be a 3
hours ride by spacetube (a huge structure that will suck you back and forth to
earth and moon) or choose to ride a gavity trip (big clamping machine)…the
space is never be the same again.

i don’t know if can pull this up until dead line.


… see images at the second page …


… some trans ship with the capacity of 500.


…after a long rigid war between the earth and the moon (no “aliens” everybody have a passport), humanity is at peace once again. people unite in ideas and everything to rebuild the war-torn planets. the so-called bridge is built as a sign of peace to all man-moon-kind… business as usual… loitering, bartering, smuggling all sorts…

…Taraw is the center habitat of the earth and it is where the bridge located. more jobs and great lifestyle. everybody migrate to this place…it’s like a dream land sort of. if you want to become popular… to the moon people as well, then take your best shot at the core auditorium where new artist are being mold. quilified, are going to perform concerts, film shoots etc,… to one of the biggest set location - the moon…

…moon scientist, environmentalist, architects, engineers, etc… collaborates to earth people to build semi-earth resorts and estates on the moon. so that anybody who misses earth because of a contract job… whatever… is just a lunar ride away!. they can practice golf or go fake hunting…

… not much hienous crimes. just, some space securites chasing thieves stealing moon relics selling them like gold here on earth. bread is number one source of food. and ofcourse there is moon gym to loose some weight while in a state of homesick… welcome to gravity zero!

… back to earth… life is still busy… research everywhere. but the good thing is every culture still exist. people celebrate holidays… the moon guys perform their thing here on earth every christmas!..

… defense system is still underconstruction, but the space defense, especially is now stable with the cooperation of the moon world…

… us, artists have especial place in the center habitat or rather a huge community along with our families and friends. we have the privilige of having one free ride to the moon every year! some chooses to stay there for a month…

-pardon my english-


(sorry there guys i messed up my thread):banghead:


Very involved storyline Lowell…A good one with depth.The scene is quite massive,a grand opera indeed…nice overall idea and start,keep it going strong…:arteest:


thanks michael. i hope i’ll survive this one.


Very cool idea…I can’t wait to see this one develop…keep going strong :applause:


Hey UWIL, Great concept!!! Hope you pull this off altogether.
Just one question: Do you disregard the Orbits of the Earth and the Moon?
Coz these 2 entities does revolve entirely different from each other.
May I suggest to have some kind of a Mechanical Space Warp On the Earth and also one on the Moon that way travelling far and tho will not gonna be minutes but seconds.
Just a thought.


essencedesign, thanks a lot… so many ideas… “too little time” thanks again.:thumbsup:

no-j, glad for the suggestion, yes it can be done. as for the orbits, read my continued short story below (1st paragraph). my story somewhat created in the middle of sleeps so pardon me. i’m so glad to be corrected. got to work now! thank you. :beer:


… the bridge is made up of pure titanium alloy, magnetic steel, etc. it has built-in hard rubbers for anti-corossion. relaxstaion is for stopovers, snacks, space shopping etc. and it is also a connecting link holding miles of its structure. both inhabitant hope that it will hold for ages, not to mention the radicals from mars. and the earth people is responsible maintaining it. while the moon people provides the visual information about the on-goings of the bridge, since the moon has enough ample solar power. it is mounted and heavily guarded at the other side of the moon. the moon’s orbit is already a history, besides of staying with the earth’s orbit… the moon already lost its own revolution…

… some wondered in the abandoned places of the earth… the dark side… forever darkness! a lot of people don’t want to talk about it. it’s the grave of their relatives and friends. looking at this kind of past give them chill and nightmares. bright side is, the soil is healthy, breeding area for rare animals with some artificial sunlight, the weird thing is they are proposing a casino country… hmmm??..

… software developers has come up with other option of making operating systems like 3D OS the hologram technology is been wiped out in the past wars. software piracy is not already a problem but rather a close competition with the moon software developers…

… meanwhile, the space guys are busy with lot of research. they made this hubble telescope-like but to monitor some activities over the surface of the radical’s - mars. and moon people are very much in confident with their defense system. earth also invested on these defense systems. because the moon is their strongest ally and no other.

… the rebel leader runo, is a thin and skinny soft-spoken person. but, a powerful and tactful enemy, enemy? he doesn’t think that he’s the enemy. sometimes he’s days wonder in the outer limits of mars… away from earth and moon. away, near the beautiful land of rage venus. venus is one of the great enemy of the earth. the battle was so massive located on the outer orbit of mars. it was a medieval style in space. imagine that thousand of earth people line up like a soldier in the gound plane and the venus people floating in a pause. sudden burst of engines and missiles lightens even farthest planets and asteriods in the galaxy. teritory is the prize…

… a library and electronic book here on earth. they call it teritory days not day, because it’s 3 weeks struggle. that was a good thing because it is brief war…

i think that’s all. got to work on this now. thanks!

-pardon my english-


very cool great modeling start


thanks vrhead[color=White], i’m wishing for more time.[/color]


Hey uwil!! nice idea and nice start with the modelling … looking foward to your work

I hope you have time to finish this …


:sad: have to repost , i guess.


primary sketch


primary concept


roughing out the ideas


… another angle