Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


• You’ve got some cool updates since my last visit!, I do agree with Centavrus about coloring, also with visrtuoso about the bridges, you can also use only one and use post compositing
to add a million bridges more, so you don’t have to overload your scene ( I use after effects, but Photoshop works excellent, also digital fusion or combustion are cool choices)

• It would be cool some dark blues and some dark yellows in the bacground, as it is now seems too magenta

• Good to see your evolution pal!


Nice progress mate! And the coloring looks good!

Waiting for more updates :slight_smile:


Lombardo if you have any specific questions on Combustion or After effects just ask away,I would be glad to help if possible,I have gotten pretty involved with these tools…Just ask,and I will try and answer the best I can…Ok,don’t forget,now or later down the road just ask away…Ok take care,work hard,and I’ll be seeing you soon…:arteest: :cool:


Thanks all!!!

[li]Thanks man!! Yes you’re right, i’ll do only one… perhaps after i’ll duplicate it. :shrug: I don’t know wich soft i will use.[/li][li]Yeah, it could be cool!! :cool:, [/li]And for now, i’m doing some test of color, i’ll post soon. I’ve found some final render for my central plant especially. I’ll make some mix with ink shader. And cheat a little with photoshop.
[li]Thanks a lot friend!!!:buttrock:[/li][/ul]terraarc—> Thanks friend!! I’ll post soon more update!!:wink:

Virtuoso—>Thanks friend for your help!! :beer:
I don’t know for now if i’ll use these soft… but i know that i can ask you some help, and it is very very cool… thanks a lot my friend… i hope i can help you one day too!! :blush:

Thanks again all! :bounce:


Ok I’m getting a bit depressed… everyones work is better than mine… wondering if I should keep agonizing with my funny entrie… lol…Well yous is going on just fine so keep it up!


Ok, here comes an update… with ink test like i would do… Lot of work for sure… but i like the front, the ship is cool with this ink… lot of work to do also for the color set… but i’m learning… i’m doing a lot of test. Want to be original. Perhaps going a little in the “Marvel” way… Hope you like!! C&C are welcome!! :wink:


Thanks Borro, don’t “depress” you work very well!!! I look you thread! :wink:
Thanks for reply friends!!! :beer:


Good to see an update!

I’m not quite sure about the toon shaders for this pic… it looks cool, yes - but I think the earlier falloff style looked better. It might be the size of the image or the scale of the ink but I find it more difficult to see the nice modeling. Perhaps if your previous shaders hadn’t been so nice I would have loved this :slight_smile: Keep trying though, I might change my mind.
Looking forward to the next update :thumbsup:


Nice stylistic update SuperXCM!:thumbsup:
The only thing that hits me is the super-glow on the lower corner.
As for the shader I think it’ll be a nice differentiation and some thing to experiment too!

Keep it up mate!


Some color test, for the background and the ship, want to get a look of old scfi book… something strange… and i modelisate more details for the ship.
Hope you like it!! :wink:


Thanks Gunilla and terraarc!!

Gunilla —> Thanks man for your crits, i see what you would say, thank a lot friend :blush: , i have change a little the ship, but i’m doing some test with the ink… i’ve found something interesting… i must try, and hope to post soon. :arteest:

terraarc —> thanks man!! Right for the "super-glow- i must work on it, i must replace my old planet… :wip:

Thanks again all for reply!! :beer:

and HD of the post is here :


Wow! Thats nice!! :bounce: I like alot your concept… something fresh against mechanic battle cruisers :smiley:

If I can make a suggestion your colors seems too plae for me… maybe try more saturation… looks like an old photo actually… nature shoud be more colorful alien or not.

Keep this way :thumbsup:


Very romantic feel to this image, It feels like Nautilus in space.

A real feeling of discovery,
nice work,

may need to see some more space in the background, darker at the background will
make it look deeper.


my link


Thanks !!!

Nomad–>Thanks man!I know for the old style, i would like to make like some old book cover!!
But i must continue to work on it!!

patina–>Thanks too!!! Yeahh it’s a good idea for the background!! I’ll test that!!

thanks again for reply!! :beer:


O.K - I take back some of my comments - this looks good - you’re on the right track here!
Something about this image just makes me happy - so wild, really like it.
Keep going! :buttrock:


• Very colorfull, lovely updates Lombardo!, The ship look like if it had a toon shader i like it!
• Sorry if it seem I am a bit lost, but where should the flower be?:curious:

:bounce: :wavey: Cheers!


What can I say, you can never go wrong with organe.:wink:


I really like the direction this is taking. One thing for me–the two halves of the image look like they’re done with different techniques–the right half is monochrme/sepia, the left half has a colourful toon shader. IMHO, I think you need to introduce some small amount of colour into the right.


nice idea of getting the old classic scifi style!

looks great!

it’s very interesting, the style you chosed looks pretty much like as if it was a 2D matte painting!

I like it very much… keep on, it looks cool…
the glow seems a bit overexposed but interestingly that is what creates that shiny look… play a bit with less exposure though … I wonder what it’ll look like then…



Great scene i really like those colors

Loved your concepts

it’s very interesting, the style you chosed looks pretty much like as if it was a 2D matte painting!

Agree to that great job :thumbsup: keep it up