Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


great thread. work is coming along and the colour theory info was great. keep it coming!


I would suggest that in 3dsmax you use dull low saturation colors, do the render then in photoshop adjust the hue and saturation using color layers and differnt color transfer moods. Remeber that the final entry is an image,… so you can cheat ALOT with the colors.

You can use textures in max with bump spec and gloss channels, and for diffuse use a texture but try to keep its color gamut low so that it can be later adjusted in photoshop.

The process I used for the alternative solution is as follows…

load image
use auto levels to get a better contrast with the burned look
reduce the saturation of the purple color in the middle
adjust saturation of purple color to be more wine red
create new layer, transfer mood overlay, paint in green planets and nebula
create new layer, fill with blue,erase lower 1/3, lower opacity, change transfer mood
create new layer, paint in purplered on vine´s stucture, colordodge transfer mood
adjust sharpness using unsharp mask, give it the gritty look
create new layer, fill in organe, change transfer mood
create new layer, paint in white high lights with overlay transfer mood

thats about it.
Just keep in mind that for the final production you will have to do this process for every element.


Thanks Artemesia66!! :slight_smile: (not yet an avatar :wink: )

Thanks Wazar, again, you saved me!! :bowdown:
I didn’t know until where i can adjust the image, you’re right for the low saturation, i’ve try to do it only with max, but it’s not a good idea. I can have really what i want.
thanks too for the “little tutorial” to how get the image!! :thumbsup:
I didn’t know that we can “cheat” like that with the color for the challenge, it show me new perspective for my final image… really cool!! :arteest:
I can return to work!!!
One more time, Wazar Thanks you!!! :bowdown:


I don’t know Lombardo, I’m kind of split in this color thing. On one hand, I completely agree with WazaR that picking fewer colors and balance it more will give a more harmonic image. On the other hand, your colortests are so completely wild, I’ve seen nothing like it! The contrasting colors give a really good energy. I think you could really pull it off, using high saturated colors like this, if you balance them by bringing in fragments of them in different places in the image.

Hard to explain - let me show you

Just added some random dots to make myself clearer.

Keep up the good work - this is really a fun thread to follow:thumbsup:


Personally, I’d try to get whatever is possible from the 3D app. That’s because color correction in Photoshop is… well, color “correction”. I’m no Photoshop guru, quite the opposite, but I think that having a very good and satisfying starting point is way better…

This is just MO, of course. And don’t worry about your English… we’re on the same boat here :smiley: : hoping that people here will understand…



Thanks friends!!! :bounce:

Gunilla—>Thanks a lot! I understand what you want to explain… you’re right too… for now i don’t know which i prefer, i think it will be a mix between the two, i want to keep these “wild color”, but, for the central plant certainly, i’ll change color… the link of WazaR learn me a lot, :arteest:
For sure, i’ll keep my style on the image. But with some “upgrade” :wink:

For now, i continue to modelise the last objects, 'cause there are a lot to do, the vegetation on the central plant, is not finished, this cylindre is just to have a path, now i modelise it, and all vegetal that they attach the planet must be modelisate too, like the central plant. I want to put a lot of details on it. :wip:
I would like to thanks you again, for your explain, it’s cool when we got some different comment. I think, it’s because comment are different, that the image can be better!! :thumbsup:

Doublecrash—> Thanks man, your opinion is welcome of course! :thumbsup:
I’m agree with you, but, the problem was, this “color dodge style”, it’s difficult to obtain it with only max, my texture must be correct in max, but some mix and compositing in photoshop, can help. Just duplicate the layer in photoshop and put it in “overlay”, :eek: , it can help for sure!
It was also difficult to change all my texture, all are procedural do it in max, only bitmap for mask, and change all the color and attempt to have something like i want take a lot of time, and finally don’t give what i want… :banghead:
But more i work with this, more i can understand a lot of thing, and now i can think about my future image, when i work on 3Dmax, i adapt my texture to have the effect i want after in photoshop. I’m also agree with you when you saied :
" I think that having a very good and satisfying starting point is way better…"
I think that a good work in max, can be easily better in photoshop, if i like already my image with the render of max, than, work on it on photoshop, it’s pleasure, and give a another dimension of the image. It’s just a upgrade. :wink:

Thanks for your comment all! I think it’s a good discussion we have here… i’m learning a lot.
Thanks! :beer:


Raw renders, be it from maya, mental ray, or even renderman, RARELY are “just right”. Color Correction and post post production on 3d renders are a big part of CGI art. Seeing as this is a still image it is HIGHLY recommend to create flexible renders that allow for maximal adjustments because you will be spending quite a deal of time tweaking differnt aspects of the image until it is “perfect”. Creating renders that leave you little room for adjustments seriously limits your visual options. Also, in the FAQ the mods even stated that color composition and photoshop adjustments were highly recommend, as long as the mayority of the image is fundamentally 3d.

It is somewhat odd that people from such diffrent backgrounds can get together, use a common langue of english and work on creating outstanding art. Cgtalk is a pretty cool place.


Glad it was of any help. I see what you mean… I think you’ve found the right workflow. Waiting for texturing updates to come… and about learning in threads, you’re right! I think one of the best things I’ve done since I decided to switch to XSI is to participate into this challenge: just reading people’s comments and posts is a sort of “continuous tutorial” :smiley:



hi:) your idea getting cool! i thing
DOF is nesessary.For getting colorful harmonic image just could use some simple formula: for exmp. you have 3 neighbour spheres :red ,blue, yellow- it must be a little bit form every color on each sphere + color from entire atmosphere.


For sure!! It’s very cool!! :cool:

i thinks exactly like you! CGtalk, is a very cool forum, nice place to learn a lot of thing…
This challenge is an opportunity to became better in a good vibes!!
Thanks again friend!! :slight_smile:

Centavrus—> Thanks for your explication, it’s very cool and helpful!
Now, i must work with these news explication in my head, and must “defrag” all of this!!!


great funky colors superxcm!!!your image is comin’ better & better :buttrock: keep’go bkeep po’!


Lombardo, maybe this will make you feel better about using Photoshop for color adjustments and other tricks: the “FX Tree” – the built-in compositor that comes with XSI Advanced – contains a number of filters for adjusting individual frames or batch-processing raw render output. Anyone who has ever used Photoshop will immediately recognize that these tools which have been integrated into this very expensive bit of software are basically just Photoshop filters. No more, and no less. :slight_smile: In fact, I’m willing to bet they’re licensed from Adobe.

Is it handy to have 'em in XSI? Sure – particularly the batch-rendering of the filter effects. But what it all comes down to is that “state-of-the-art” in 3D has as much to do with workflow efficiency as “can my renderer do that?” In the end, when it comes to a still, the only thing that counts is how it looks.


Thanks Jab’ your images are excellent too!! Keep going!! :buttrock:

Thanks Nuclearman!

I never used XSI, in max there is the video post too, i think the FX-Tree is something looking like it. But certainly more evoluate.
Now that i understand what i can do, i’ve find my final render, it’s sure. I’ve done some test, and it become very cool. I’ll must correct some details, but i hope to post soon.
After i’ve finished to modelise all.

Thanks again for the reply!! :beer:


Hello all,
here a update of the next modeling, i modelise the connection bridge, it is in construction, we can see the vegetal (transparant) and the metal come to it.
But i have a big big problem, the image here is the only i can have, and with a low resolution. My computer can render it … this object has more than 350 000 poly… :frowning: but i must duplicate it!! And i need two like this!! :’(
If anyone know a good technic to optimize? But i want to keep the original form.



Lombardo…I think your best bet is to instance if you already have’nt thought about that,and also consider using just two,not three connection bridges,two will be just as effective as three I think…Plus look into compositing,it can be your best friend…Let me know more about what you are up against,I might be able to help in a more precise way…I’ll be looking for you,work hard and well…:slight_smile: :arteest:


hi there,

thats a pretty nice way of going at it…
interstellar flora in symbiosis with planetary fauna…
makes me want to talk to gaia…

keep going!!.. it is very promising and your work so far looks pretty good with a very lovely mood…


Thanks Virtuoso!!

I do instance, but i need to do two differents. But it’s too many poly.
I’ve find another thing, my max file make 150meg, but it was fragmented (2.120 parts) , i did a defrag, now is more fluid also when it save.
I wouldn’t saied i need 3 connections, i would like to said i need to make 2 connections, copy it one time. I don’t explain correctly i mean. :blush:
But now after some test, i will do only one like this.
Coming around the central planet.
And i decided also to do the box that are around the connection, more simply, now they are only box, before, i have modelisate them :

too more poly for a box. We can’t see it, it was too far. :banghead:
For the composite, it’s a good idea, i must do that.
And stop my brain a little,… don’t try to make too much. Specially when the objet is so far. :wink:
Thanks again my friend! :beer:
And sorry for my bad english!:buttrock:

Thanks too digital_blade !! I hope you like the next update;)


that bridge is beautiful. i hope you find a way to handle the poly count–don’t know XSI, so i can’t help.


Hey! Somehow I managed to miss the bridge - looking so great! And colors are wonderful … lovely!

As for poly count - if instance or reference of the object isn’t enough, perhaps you could just bring them into separate layers for rendering? I’ve never tried this but perhaps it could work.
how about using the optimize modifyer - would that help?

Hope you find a solution and keep bringing us stuff like this :thumbsup:


Thanks artemesia66 and Gunilla!! :slight_smile:

The poly count is not a problem now!! I’ve replace the “complex box” by simple box (look at the image post before, it was my metal box for the bridge, too much poly :wink: ) , now the connection bridge has 10.000 poly, it’s more easy!!

Thanks again for reply!! :beer:

artemesia–> i work on 3DSMax5 :slight_smile: