Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


I’ll be looking out for your update Lombardo…I like the idea of you planning and thinking of your next steps as you wait…As I mentioned your last update was a real nice one,and I can see you reach your goals for this for sure…Now take care,think hard,and I hope you get it going again very soon…All the best as always…:arteest: :beer:


Thanks a lot Virtuoso!!! :blush:
I’m going to do my best!! :arteest:
Thanks again to motive me my friend!! :beer:


i really don’t like interuptions when i’m in a middle of something like one you have, but bright side is your still ahead of anybody… like me? heheh…plan a lot of ideas while waiting for the computer and it’ll be smooth. by the way, very interesting ideas you have. gotta run now. good luck!:thumbsup:


Thanks uwil! Yes, it’s difficult because i wantto continue, but it’s cool to take a break to think… :cool:

Thanks again!!

For info, the website i was working the last week, with ink&paint shader, is online now…
you can see it here :

Somebody know where i can post this finished website on the forum? :curious:
3D finished work? No, it’s a flash animation, using 3D made in 3Dmax, but it’s a website… i don’t know. :frowning:
There is a “animation flash wip” forum, but it’s not wip is a finished site… and it “influence” me (is this correct in english… :blush: ) a lot in the space opera challenge, for my texture and mood, i want to mix the beginning i made, like the first ships and ink&paint shader like i used in the website.

Hope you like it!! :beer:


:deal: I have small amusing lesson on texturing for you - I has developed it recently.
When you have free time you can simply knock on a surface of various subjects (wall, wooden chair, the glasswares etc.) .The sound will give you an idea with what there should be a surface of your objects from which of materials it is possible them make. You must feel the surface and talk with it :)If it will help please let me know!


Oh… Thanks for this lesson, you’re right… it can help me a lot, and i think it can help a lot of person…
Thanks again centavrus!:love:


Hi all, i get back my computer, so i can work now, … when i didn’t have my computer, i think that i can add some light on the central plant. To look it more “alive”, feel of energy also turn his texture more vegetal, more plant, like perhaps if you know “Jayce and The wheels warrior” (it’s the correct title in english?)…and add beginning of texture in 2 planet… but it’s just a test… difficult to work again in 3D… after this time.
But a lot of idea in my brain… must “defrag” all of this :stuck_out_tongue:


• If u work hard, you’ll have a new computer!..from Box technology!

• Nice uptdate, did you notice our last image posted now appears in the first page of our threads? cool uh?

• Lombardo, your image looks super, but the overall volumes are too flat, I know it is just a test, but, last time i submited a test, i got heavy crits :blush:

Keep posting pal, nice to have u back!


hey dont feel bad about being put out of action. I spent a good deal of last week horribly ill from food posioning. I actually had to go the hospital, it got rather bad. When I got better and saw how far ahead everyone was, and how many new entires there are, I felt kind of out of it. But what the hey,… just participating in the challenge is great. I’ve been learing alot and using a whole slueth of new techniques. No darn bug is gonig to put me out of competition.

Either way your work is great,… but I like the previous “translucent blue” shader you had for the vine stucture. This planet texture just dosnt do it for me. The colors seem so flat compared to how they were before. I really think you should reconsider the new shaders…


Hey Lombardo - good to see you back!

Interesting update - this is really turning into something very unique - the colorset is way cool, keep going! If any crits, I feel that the center planet is dominating a bit, stealing focus from the nice organic shapes. I suppose this is just a draft composition but perhaps sliding it a bit to the right could create a better balance.
Now you can continue to defrag :slight_smile:


Thanks all!!

Climax---->Thanks!! [ul]hehe… it will be hard to have it… but my area-51 is cool too!! :cool: [/ul][ul]Yeah i’ve notice it!!! it’s very cool!! It’s more easy now!
[/ul][ul]Yeah, you’re right, but no problem crits are welcome, they help to be better!! But what you would like to say excatly when you say flat? Is this the terxture, or for the details, the mood? The planet like WazaR saied. sorry but my englsih is very bad :blush: [/ul]
Thanks again!

WazaR—>Thanks man!! Sorry to know about your food posioning. Hope you are better now! :buttrock: Yes, all have work a lot, but like you saied “just participating in the challenge is great”, you’re right too. I’ve learn a lot. And it will be cool, it’s sure!
It’s the first time for me, and it’s a good experience. I note your crits for the news shader, it will help me for sure, the thing i very like in this challenge it’s thing like these, the crits, and the help from one to other (is this the good expression? :blush: ). I will work again on it, and post soon. Thanks again friend!! :slight_smile:

Gunilla—> Thanks friend!!! I’m really happy to come back!
OMG, you’re absolutly right about the place of the planet!! I change this immediatly!! :wip:
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! :bounce:
I continue the defrag!! :banghead:

Thanks again all!! :blush:
Crits are always welcome! :beer:


Great to see you have your PC Lombardo…Hey you need one…next time go over to Aalst,beautiful town in-between Brussels and gent…I have a couple extra ones there for you…:arteest:

Gunilla…Took the words right out of my mouth…Moving the planet over will allow more freedom,and not over shadow your primary models/creations…The color pallette reminds me a little,just a bit like tron…Perhaps eventually some glow effects coming from grills and special lights attachments on the ship would be an idea…

Ok keep the updates coming, very nice art,and attitude here,I lke your direction,the organic you are going for is showing through,I’ll keep watching,and hope I can help some later down the road…All the best…:arteest: :beer:


Ok, here comes a another update, i’ve made the background image, not yet finished but it’s the good way…Change the texture of the foreground plant, more used metallic and change the color of the blue…
I’ve move the center planet more to the right like Gunilla said (thanks too Virtuoso ;)). And adjust some color with photoshop. Just to try to find my final way. I like the contrast, specially the 3(perhaps a mix with the blu background of the 4), it’s look like cover of some strange old book of scfi, with strange color and strange contrast! :d
Hope you like it!
C&C are welcome as always! :wink:


Very interesting light map. You’re making leaps after some pause.

Cool work! :buttrock:



Thanks Virtuoso ! :slight_smile: For Aalst i know it! But in french we call it “Alost”! It’s a nice town! :wink:
For the planet, you see, i’ve changed it! And i’ve add lighting from the ship, but i must work more on it, but it’s a very good idea, it can help the pictures to be more dynamic!
Thanks too Doublecrash !! It’s was a pause, but a pause to think!!

Thanks again for reply friend!! :beer:


I am having some serious problems with the color composition. In the final image the differnt colors values are in competition with each other, and the differnt areas of color, because of their optical conflict become discontinious spaces. Addtionally I think your image is beging to use far to many differnt colors, both in hue and value.

I have taken the liberty (forgive me) of testing some alternative solutions to the color treatment of your image. Of importance it should be noted that throughout this alternative there is an underlying unifing color ( in this case orange as you’ve guess my fav color) that works to harmonize the differnt color areas of purple and green and blue. This of course is only a test and you could try out differnt combinations, the important thing that more attentions should be paid to make sure the colors are harmonious throughout the image. A helpfull tip would be to from early on choose a specific and limited color gamut so that during the production process all the different elements maintain color harmony.

Also here are some weblinks that might help.


Man… you’re simply Incredible!!! :bowdown:I didn’t know about this color theory!! It’s amazing!
Thanks to have [color=white]test some alternative solutions [/color]for the image, i really like the one you post, it’s more harmonic, it’s sure! Thanks too for the link, i’ve read them, but more english comprehension will be cool (:blush: ), i’ll must get more my intention on them.

I must work more on it, it’s cool, you learn me something very important!!!
Thanks again friend!! :beer:


The really cool thing of this challenge is that you get bucketfuls of information and learning even when you watch other people’s threads.

Thanks a lot for the links, they’re really fantastic.



cool colors + cool stuff is happening here…
please continue!:smiley:


Thanks Doublecrash and markovicd.!! :slight_smile:
yes Stefano, i like too this attitude, it’s a cool environment to learn! (i don’t know if it’s correct in english?).
I’ve one question for all;
i can decide me, it is better to try now in 3DS Max to give the good color and contrast, or i must place color and then adjust it after with photoshop… i know that some adjustement and compositing will do with photoshop, but until where i can change my 3Dmax texture?
I’ve tryed to change my texture in max to get some color i want but, now in photoshop, i can’t get the good color, and the details is too contrasted, and “burn”… also just the render of max is not correct… it’s not the good color.
If somebody got an idea…he is welcome…:shrug:
I don’t know if you understand what i want to explain… sorry for my bad english :blush: