Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


I’m really liking the look of it. Organic meets space: a great recipe.

Cool work so far. :cool:



Here comes a part of the modelisation… the front part.
And some render test… all texture are not here… just some test… but, i think it’s the way i want to go…
Lot of work to do… :slight_smile: … but i see more clear now… just some “flashy pink” problem in the ship but it’s just a test… so i can correct that after. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit–> Thanks M@ and Doublecrash!!!


great progress here! You’re totaly right… scene mood first coloring later lol. Keep it up man you’re great!


Hello my friend :slight_smile:
your work is very cool and your concept is very interesting.
I love your organic sheep texture, and your composition is not badly, it’s a good start.
It’s all that I can say for now because that is the beginning but I will come look yours
i want already see the final pictures :bounce:
(sorry 4 my very good english )
"allez courage gar, faut la terminer celle la ! )


Thanks guys!!yes Borro, mood first… and after i will adjust the colors…Thanks man!!

OMG :eek:

Kalemna, my friend!! Incredible, you here! :beer:
Thanks a lot man :blush:

"Oui, celle-là je la termine, obligé ! "

Thanks again all!! :buttrock:


the last render gives a lot of life to the concept, I like the model, this is going very good!


This is just getting better and better -I really like the draft for final image. Keep going!:thumbsup:


Very cool composition, dude! This will be a very original final image.

The only crits I’ve got is sort of a minor point only, and merely based on personal preference, so feel free to totally disregard - but it would perhaps be a good idea to avoid getting too much of those saturated colours… Think of it as a part of the composition, saturation in some focused areas, while other secondary areas might be less colourful.


Alright,Lombardo…very nice update,with some wild and fun to it.Nicely done.I already mentioned before that I like the organic approach very much…This last update shows again more promise with results,James MK brought up a good point,and if I could add a thought here…I think you would be better off in the long run to show glimpses ( or small parts) of certain textures,devide up the pallete more,sometimes by having less it shows more,Ok just a thought…Keep a good watch over our Belgium (:wink: ) and continue on like this…very nice Lombardo…:arteest: :beer:


Agree with opinions mentioned above. Impressively alive and fresh look on the last images (concept included):thumbsup:

Really liked the saturation idea JamesMK! Opening some new dimension door in my mind!


Nice update, Ship looks cool:thumbsup:


Thanks all! plaguelord, Gunilla, terraarc and madshooter!! :beer:

JamesMK and Virtuoso —> Thanks, guys critique are welcome!! :buttrock:
Yes it could be a good idea… the problem for now, it’s i want to go to a lot of differente directions… but more saturation, will be cool, Jaba153 say me this too ;). Perhaps more like the first ship… this way.
But for now i’ve got a big problem… i can’t work my 3D on my computer… :cry: so, i think that i can do some test with colors… i must try to place my colors, and definate (it’s just in english? :blush: ) the color theme of my work… and for this all critique are welcome too. If i got time, i’ll post soon some test. But like i sayed, i don’t have my computer for now… i hope to get it back soon! :slight_smile:

Thanks again friends!!! :beer:


Hi Lmobardo, intresting colors you have on your modells. looks like Comic style :slight_smile:
wish you best luck :slight_smile:



Hey, very impressive progress you got here. I like the look very much. The last render reminds me of some electron microscope pictures I’ve seen. Although this should not be the scale you’re thinking of.:smiley:

The textures on the ship are already amazing.:applause:

Keep the good work coming



Thanks guys! :slight_smile:
For now, i’m “on standby”… no computer to work… just one for the web… and not for long time… :cry: … hope to get my computer back this week-end… and than i will continue the challenge. :arteest:

But it’s not a bad point, because, i can think about my colors, and the mood i want precisly (it’s just in english :blush: ).

Thanks again for reply. :beer:


ooops! hmm double reply… i think i must try to be more patient the next time…


hey! this is cool, i like it, specially the combination between something more organic (the shapes) and the space stuff, i really wonder hoew this will look when finished! good luck with your computer, and start getting ready for the weekend, because i think i am not ht eonly one looking for more =) keep going!


Very nice progress, Lombardo! Sorry to hear about your computer problems, but there are still almost seventy days left in the competition and you’ve made such rapid strides it looks like you’ll be done well before the deadline anyway.

By the way, the connector model is has so much interesting detail that I think it could benefit from a little more variation in color and texture. The almost monochromatic appearance masks a lot of the effort you’ve put into it, and in compositional terms it dominates over the ships … but mainly the different components you’ve built it out of implies different materials, which is why, I think, the color scheme of the connector doesn’t feel as successful as the ones you’ve chosen for the ship. Still, you’ve got plenty of time to test things out, since you can always do pen and ink color tests even if you don’t have your computer available.

Best of luck!


Computer still broken? We want some updates, please! :slight_smile:


Thanks all!!

Yes Gunilla, i’m always waiting for my computer… :cry:
But thanks for the support… i appreciate a lot!! :beer:

3db2—> Thanks man! Yes perhaps get it back this week-end, i hope…:frowning:
And be more patient next time!! :wink:

nuclearman—> Thanks friends!! You’re right for the chromatic, it was just a test, but i think i must change this, a lot said me that ( Thanks again JamesMK, Virtuoso, terraarc and Jab’ :wink: ) … i will try to put more color, like the first test… :arteest:
And like you said, it’s the moment with pen and ink color test, and the most important, i can decide me to the final way i want to go… i mean, the final render it will be… before to make it on the computer. :wip:

Thanks again all!!!

Keep working, and sorry for my bad english!! :buttrock: