Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


I’m liking it a lot more, MidnightPostman.

The darker streaks added a lot to the feeling, now I’m liking the blue part too.

I think there’s no limit to the posts, as far as you post ALL the milestones… but I could be wrong. Worth take a look ;o)



keep it goin superxcm!!nicejob!


Yes the tones are better,more in-depth…I still think you can go more transparent,make the blues lighter,more like the mushrooms in Bug’s life,the ones in the ants caves…And the red can be more "Burgundy still,more black in the red…Just my thoughts,it’s your baby Lombardo,but I do like this last update,it certanly is more in-depth color pallette wise…Keep mixing those paints :arteest: …And keep on keeping on…:cool:


Thanks guy!!:thumbsup:

Yes Virtuoso, i must do that… i know!! It will be better… i never see bug live, i know what it is, but i never got the luck to see it… i must see it now!!! :bounce:
Thanks again for the comment !! :buttrock:


I like the materials, specially the semi-opaque. good desing and texture. :thumbsup:


cool modeling , interesting textures:thumbsup: - do you think to add some dirt on it?


Weird vehicle! Great Color scheme and good textures, but I think you can go further with the textures and add some FX! Sorry, haven’t read the whole story yet but I will! I promise!:slight_smile:

Actually I will do right away :bounce:

I’ll be watching and commenting…


Thanks all! :slight_smile:
centavrus, no dirty on texture, is away from my concept… "eco-technology"… so no dirty, all are clean, and “magic”…i will add more details on the texture after…peace details no dirty…
But like terraarc saied, i put after some FX… perhaps “abyss” style… but for now, i can’t work on it… have a lot of work to do ( some website to do…i hate it!!! :cry: )
I hope to continue the contest after… i will modelise the other part of my composition, and when all will be modeling and have the “base texture”, i correct the color and the FX… it’s not for now… :wip: …

Thanks again all, and sorry for my really bad english! :buttrock:


SuperXCM, Man space is looking cool:thumbsup: . I like like the colours you have used in your texture.
Are you planning to use Mental Ray or vRay for final rendering?
keep rocking:thumbsup:


madshooter–> Thanks man! I don’t know for Mental Ray or Vray… first i would like to use brazil for rendering… but now… i hesitate… Someone tell me that Vray is very cool :wink:
So i don’t know… For challenging my-self i think i will do all with the default scanline of max 5…i will see… for now… i’m always on Flash and the website that i must finish… :cry:
And, yersterday, playing with flash, i will have a illumination … perhaps i will change all and do with the Ink&Paint texture… :lightbulb
I try something after the website!!

Thanks again man!! :beer:


Great work on the modeling :slight_smile: you could perhaps make the colors a bit more iconic lol(i meen darken them…) keep it up!


Good design . I look forward to your updates

My thread :


Thanks guys!:slight_smile:

Yes Borro, you’re right!! I must work on that, but for now, i make correctly my composition… and try to get some mood test. And after when i place my ship in the composition, i correct all the color.
Thanks again for reply!! :thumbsup:


Here come my “final” composition… i will change and add some details.
but the base is here.
According my first sketch and concept… all the ship converge to the connection point.
Of course, i will add more ship and details on the vegetal.
I draw for now a third ship, that will be more mecanical, it will help the connection.
C&C are welcome :slight_smile:

Edit–> hope you understand the pictures, the red lines is to show the connection point.


I really like your ideas, and the organic ships. The composition looks good too–very dynamic. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


Crazy. Your modeling is insane :slight_smile: very original AND kewl. Your final image already looks insane :slight_smile: Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to new additions!


Thanks artemesia66 and theduke!! :slight_smile:

theduke from belgium too, excellent… oh theduke… this name… are you a writers? :curious:

( And artemesia66, for the avatar, just take a photo of you! It’s just a idea :wink: )


Very interesting modeling and composition. Do you have any colours in mind?

Edit>> oops, backtracked a bit and saw your ship colours…anything decided for the environment?


Thanks Gavin_G, for the colour, i don’t really know for now… but colorated, and peacefull, not agressive color… this is sure… like the first test i did…

But i was working on a new website, in cell-shading, so now, i hesitate i think i will do the final image with Ink&Paint material… i must do some test… :arteest:

Thanks again for the reply!! :beer:


nice story, concepts and design… I like that :slight_smile: keep going!