Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


That’s a really nice concept you have here. I love the peacefull approach. And excellent modelling. This translucend ship looks great.
I will definitely follow your thread.



Thanks a lot for the reply Jab’ and turbinea !! :bounce:

kajaba --> Thanks, i really like flower and vegetal!! :love: For the water creature, i think about it, perhaps if i get time. :wip:

Russel_Nash --> Thanks too! Yes, i didn’t want to do a conflit or war, i don’t like the war… for me the future can be peaceful… but i’m utopic… i know…:blush:

Thank again, and sorry for my english! :buttrock:


hey gr8 progress there… nice going with the medling…i alwasy found this concept really interesting… keep it up… wish ya all de best :thumbsup:


Cargo thingy looks very nice - like an intergalactic insect of sorts… I mean, how could that ever fail? Jolly good and clean job.


Thanks a lot guy!!! :buttrock:

You motive me to continue to this way!! I finish to modelise the cargo now (just add some details after ), and i playing with texture, i’ll post later.

Thanks again!! :slight_smile:


nice modeling, very clean model and good choice of colors, I like how this going.


Some new test for the cargo. With Texture. I’ve just work on the wings texture. Try to make more organic. What do you think?

–> Thanks plaguelord !!!:slight_smile:


Organic indeed. Personally, I don’t like the blue part, but I didn’t understand if it’s part of the final texture or if it’s behind the rest.

The red is like a blood-vessel. If you’re going for organic, you have it! :thumbsup:



A modeling test for the reactor of the ship… no textures for now.


Doublecrash–> Thank for comment :slight_smile: , for the blue part, what you don’t like excatly? What do you think i must change… me too i doesn’t like a lot, but it’s not the final texture, i must add more details, like the other one. If you got a idea, is welcome!! :buttrock:


Nice concepts ! Very interesting. I love your texturing style :thumbsup:


Hi Lombardo…Too fast,into textures already.:cool:

My thoughts on texture pallette/color scheme would be to give more transparency to the parts.Giving much more of that “Organic look” you are going for…Perhaps a more aqau marine effervessant look.And a more “Burgundy” for the red.burgundy being more red/black…Ok just some thoughts,hope they help some.Keep on keeping on over there in belgium :wink: …:arteest:


Thanks guys!!! :bounce:

Virtuoso -->Thank for the help!!! A salute from belgium!! :beer:
I’ll try your tips this night, for now, i must place my ID for the center part of the ship… it’s too hard, i hate to do this!! :cry:
I become crazy!! :banghead:

But i’m motivate when i see your replies!! Thanks again!! :bounce:


• I like the concept of NO WAR keep on like this Lombardo

• However i can’t deny the beauty of Destruction and big explotions, i hope peacefull images like ours don’t get the kick when evaluation comes, anyway I must say it has been a very inspirational challenge and i hope it brings out the best of us all

I wish u a lucky challenge!


I was having the suspect they weren’t final. You’re right about the transparency, maybe with some more of it it will look more organic.

That was the problem in my comment (sorry if I wasn’t more specific): the organic feel of the red texture is really OK, while the blue one seemed a bit plastic. That’s all, SuperX! :o)

Waiting to see how it proceeds, now I’m subscribed.:thumbsup:




Climax—> • Thanks, i don’t like the war, i’m a utopic, but i think the war can’t help us… :blush:
• Me too, it’s beautiful but when it’s virtual… Yes i hope the evalutation will be cool, but for me it was important to do something with no war, and no conflit, just to show my idea of a good futur…peaceful and ecologic… :wink:
" i hope it brings out the best of us all"—> me too
And i wish you too a lucky challenge! :thumbsup:

Doublecrash—> Thanks!! Ok i understand the problem now, i’ll try to correct the texture today. I’ve place my ID for the central partlast night ( and after i look the DVD of neverend Story—>very nice movie :blush: ), now i can work on the texture. Thanks again for your comment, and your idea, it’s help me a lot!! :arteest:

Thanks again,good luck all and sorry for my bad english!! Have Fun! :buttrock:


That last one looks like a flag, I like it. :wink:


I like the way your textures are coming on - organic, the red looking like some sort of muscles, perhaps a bit “wet” feeling would make it even more so. Agree about the flag comment - I was thinking about some heraldic signs, you know the kind with a shield, lion and stuff. Cool - keep it up:thumbsup:


Just a new test for the texture… Anyone know how many images can we post?


Thanks Guys!!!:slight_smile:
Yeah a flag… it’s possible!
For the heraldic signs i was thinking about it too!
Again thanks for reply!! :buttrock: