Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


Really cool concept with the flower - beautiful shape in the model too. Looks like another bookmark :thumbsup:


:slight_smile: Your concept is clever! I wish you good luck!


I added more details to the motor (Thank Jaba153 for this suggestion ;)) And added texture.


Keep it going strong Lombardo…nice extra detailing and the flowing design has a nice elegant appeal.Smoooooth.Looking very nice.:arteest:


3doid, Gunilla, SaintArt and Virtuoso thanks a lot!!! :beer:


Hehe , another 3d artist from Belgium :slight_smile:

Impressive start , i love your flower-ship concept !
Keep it up !


Lombardo, how the heck are you getting that great translucent glow effect on the light ship??? It looks similar to the gas flame shader in XSI, but you seem to have more control over it. Is it just textured to simulate the effect, or are you backlighting and using some sort of incidence effect? VERY curious to find out how you achieved this!


hey cool light ship u got there , dude , very nice !


Goul, nuclearman and Squibbit thanks for reply!! :slight_smile:

I never use XSI, so i don’t know the flame shader :blush: .
For my light ship, i make it on 3D Studio Max 5, with procedural map (Translucent shader ) using falloff and playing with self-illu. The “flaming effect” is a blend of these procedural map using a bitmap as mask. Is very simple! :arteest:
No backlight, just one omni for the screen that i post. :wink:

I hope you understand what i wanted to explain… :blush:
Sorry for my bad english!! :buttrock:


Just a test to modeling the Cargo.
What do you think?


Cool…:eek: …just cool


wow cool modeling… man keep on going


Thanks guys!! I hope to have time tomorow to finish to modelisate it! But for now, i go to bed… it is 0h48 here, in belgium, and tomorrow i have school!!! :cry:

Good night! :wink:


Slender modeling!

I like it. It’s very elegant.



Sweet designs! the coloring on that one ship is looking killer! :slight_smile:


that´s beautyfull. reminds me of a old captain future comic.


Thanks Guys!! :slight_smile:

Ok Here comes the back of the cargo, and the beginning of the “wings attach”…a lot of work to do. but i hope to finish to modelisate this night.


:bounce: waw great modellin’ kig!!!:buttrock:


It is good idea of making flowers look futuristic. Maybe you could also think about some water creaturs and make them futuristic
Once I saw one man was modeling whole futuristic city using flowers and animals
Briliant idea :thumbsup:


Good work, i like the colors and shape. Very very cool.