Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


I like the similarity between the concept and the model, I hope to see more soon, good work!


I like the unique style and look of your design.

It’s always nice to see something differnt.


hey there…what model

like flower, i love it great job
kep it up


Very original idea with the plant theme!
Great work on the modelling, but on the back of the light ship the side wings or leaf penetrate the up-leaf.
Good luck for your challenge!


Thanks for the reply!! :bounce:

Christoph_H84-> You’re right, i must correct that! :wip:


hey … things are coming along nice here…
hope for some more update !:thumbsup:


hey! it´s really nice! you inspired in flowers. great idea and concepts!:thumbsup:


I’m loving the Vegetal Tower. Quite a cool and original concept.

I’m really curious on how you will render the symbiotic relationship between vegs and humans.



Excellent design, light ship is amazing, nice detailing work.
Great update:thumbsup:


New “aeration” for the motor, and a test with different position. But lot of work to do…:wink:
–>Thank for the reply:)


Just a test texture, really not sure for the color… just a little test, i don’t like modelisate…:frowning:
I think that the Orange one, is too “flashy”, but like i sayed, it’s just a “little test”… for fun :wink:


No bias here but I think the orange texture is just great.


hi:) so nice idea if even its utopystic i belive in it. Does model spline modelling? i think with yellow color in center it looks more wild and beautiful.Good luck to you!


I agree with the yellow, it grabs my attention more :thumbsup:


Hi. Very nice work. I vote for the yellow too. Good luck !!!


A very nice choice of theme for your Space opera lombardo…I like this.The feel I get is that it will be showing a nice new angle to what the norm is.I like your start as well on the modeling.A nice gentle elegant look.I too would go for yellow in this case…I’ll keep an eye out for more,and will say again I like the idea and your direction…:arteest: :arteest:


put another vote for yellow!


Thanks all!!! :love:
Yes, centavrus, it’s spline modelisation. Do it with Max5.:slight_smile: (i’ll try to post the wire )
So, it’s ok. I note the vote :wink: and I continue to this way!!
Thank again for the reply!! :bounce:


Here comes the spline from the light ship, then after i convert it to poly and adjust some vertex. :wink:


wow… i love those organic looking ships/models… i’ll b waiting to c some more from u soon… keep it up… ir goin awesome