Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


Congrats on a well done job :buttrock: :applause:

Just in case you can still make an update. I liked the blue rose better. It feels more colorful :love: :smiley:

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks all!!

Gunilla, yes, i feel good now it’s finish, i can drink lot of beer!!!
The invitation is always in place, if you comes in belgium, we’ll drink one ( or more;)) belgian beer!! :beer:

Thanks markovicd. and nemirc!!
I can’t post another, because i’ve already send my final image… :cry:

It was an amazing experience for me to participate at this challenge… i can’t wait for the next challenge:arteest: , i’ve learned a lot, and meet some cool people!! :cool:

Thanks specialy to Virtuoso, Gunilla, Wazar, Markovicd., Climax, Jaba153, Doublecrash, Plaguelord, Borro, Centravus, Terraarc, Russel_Nash, Artemesia66 and JamesMK… you learned me a lot and motive me… without you, i think i never finish this image.
Thanks my friends!! :blush:

You’re all welcome to drink some belgian beer if you comes in belgium!!! :beer:
And i hope to see your work soon!!!

Thanks again for all help and replies and good luck to all!! :slight_smile:


PS: Sorry for my ugly, (but i think better after this challenge;)), english!


Whaouw… I don’t see this thread before… a real shame… but It’s very impressive… I come in for the final way… a great final way I must said…

I like the idea… …colors choice and composition lift your art :bounce: oniric and perfect :thumbsup:


Too bad…

GOOD LUCK :buttrock:


Congratulations Simone for finishing this amazing piece of art. Your final image is really cool. The reflections on the helmet are just the thing which was missing in my opinion. Now it’s really perfect. :thumbsup:

 Hope to see you in the next challenge.  :arteest:



Well well…Lombardo…You have rode the wave to the finish…And a beautiful one at that…I applaud your efforts and results…:applause:

Lots of versatility and well crafted models,nice concept and execution…A really vivid picture,beautiful and surreal in it’s own way.Nice overall package,and a very unique entry.It’s turned out very nice Lombardo,and I think you should be very proud of your art here,I am of you…It’s always nice to see the great guys as you are finish with class and great results…You have a great future in this…Keep going with it strong…You never know someday soon we just may create together in beautiful Belgium…lets hope so…:arteest:

…All the best to you,and I sure hope to see you around and cross paths…To a great guy I congratulate you again and wish you all the very best…Now for some World famous Belgian beers :beer: :beer: …nothing but the best for you…See you soon Lombardo…:arteest: :cool:


Thanks all for replies!!! :bounce:

Lemog—> Thanks man!! Ton image finale est incroyable, j’aime vraiment beaucoup!! Bonne chance! :beer:

nemirc—> Thanks too!! :slight_smile:

Russel_Nash—> Thanks for the help and the reply my friend!! :buttrock:

Virtuoso—> My friend…your reply make me :blush: , thank a lot again for all your replies and the help you give me for my challenge, thanks again for all your update that motive me a lot. I really hope that someday, we can create together in ours beautiful Belgium, it will be a honor for me…and for sure very cool!!! :cool:

Until that, i wish you all the best, and i’m waiting to see you final image too.
hurry up my friend!! :arteest:
And we will drink some belgian beer!! :beer:


• Lovely ending, It is a bit sad saying that, I remember when you first started modeling the space plant, …It seems it was so long ago, but that happened only 3 months ago, Anyway It was also a pleasure for me to follow your entry until the final line, I hope I can see More of your work online, I Like the Moebius :thumbsup:

• Cheers My friend, and good Luck


Très beau boulot ami liégeois :smiley:

I like very much ur type of render ! very good work :slight_smile:


Thanks for replies!!

Climax—>… THANKS A LOT MY FRIEND!!! ooohhhh it’s finished… yes it’s a little sad to say that… :cry:… thanks again for all the help and support!!
I hope to see some of your work too!!
Thanks for the Moebius!! :wink:

See you my friend and good luck!! :beer:

Jeff—> Merci ami liègeois!! C’est rare de voir des compatriotes sur CG… meci pour le post!:wink:

Cheers!! :beer:


Hello Lombardo! Your final really turned out really dreamy! :thumbsup:
I like the message of peace and prosperity that this image reflects all around…
I’d like to thank you for such a wonderful three-month trip we were on together and hope to see you around CG soon…about that beer don’t know at the mo…but thanks for the invitation! :beer:

Wishing the best on such a dreamy entry…:slight_smile:


Enjoy Belgium ! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the reply!!!

terraarc—> Thanks my friend… it was a pleasure to meet you, and thanks for all the help, i’m sad to know that you don’t post your final image…:cry:
i hope to see it soon anyway…:wink:
And other of your work… see you on CG… and on the next challenge… :arteest:
Thanks again!! And for the beer, it’s when you want!! :beer:

gpepper—>Thanks voisin!! :wink:


Veeeeery cool final here, dude! Wish you good luck with it :thumbsup:


impressive work dude!!! :bounce: I know you for quite a long time now and I have to admit, You’ve become quite impressive. I hope you keep going that way… very good job:thumbsup:. I hope we can work together in the future…

keep on:buttrock:

y’a rien a faire la Belgique… C’est plein de gens super cool…


nice job Lombardo! Congradulations in the final and good luck in the voting!


Thanks for replies!!

JamesMK—>Thanks man, your image is amazing!!! In my TOP 5!!! :bounce:

yellokab—>Thanks for this reply… oh it’s the first you make on cgtalk, it’s a honor and it’s cool!!! :cool:
Hope to keep going on this way too… and hope to see you on the next challenge, it will be cool!! :arteest:
I don’t worry, we work together in a near future!! :wip:
"Merci pour ce message Kab, ça me fait super plaisir que tu aime bien mon image!! He ouais il y a des gens super cool en Belgique, mais faut chercher!! :buttrock:
See you for a belgian beer!! :beer:

||) |V| |^|—> Thanks for reply too!! And good luck! :bounce:


Hi, I like your job, good luck


Thanks Indri for your reply!! :bounce:

Here you can find a little making of just for fun ;):

hope you like it! :beer:
Divx codec 5.2… the file make 12,8meg…

See you!! :beer:


Great! I love! It’s just great:) thank you for it:buttrock: Well done!