Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


Ok, here i’ve test, some cold color… with touch of orange… it give the image a another dimension, but also problem with the ship… i like this new mood, what do you think?


Hi, I like the last one the most. As for the head, I think the visor is to flat. May be you could add some more detail here. On the other hand it looks like some kind of screen, so may be you could simply add a picture. But this is only my personal point of view.

The overall design is amazing. :bounce:



I think the last or the one before it looks best. Both are really nice - either way, I’d suggest you make the rose more saturated than the rest to have it stand out more. Imagine the last one with a burning orange hue just for the rose… But I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to make this become a splendid final!

Oh, and I greatfully accept your invitation for strong Belgian beer - my guess we all need some when this is over :beer:


II prefer this version than the two one before , wich were a bit flat !
I’m agree with gunilla for the rose ,it could be better a bit more saturated !

For the rest … => i’m fan :thumbsup:
Unique style and very nice realisation !


I think i like the most recent version, but IMHO the rose is a bit lacking–its colour is too uniform, and not strong enough. I think the stema nd the flower should be diferent colours, and I’d saturate the petals more. just my 2c. Anyway, great work, well done. :thumbsup:


wooow man!!.. aweosme picture!!.. really love those colors… great composition and gr8 execution… cant imagine what can couple of days can give… i love that ceel shade feel to it… all i can say to u is best of luck


I lke the other still the best Lombardo…This does add a nice alternative…but still the other was more appealing,at least to me,tone and color wise…Best to you in your final run to the finish…:arteest: :beer:


ok, here the pre-final… i don’t know what to change… if some one got an idea…?


i dont know what u could add … but this is looking sweet!


Thanks for replies!!!

Russel_Nash—>Thanks for reply, ok, i understand for the head… but i didn’t change on this update…i add just a reflection… i think it’s enough… but i don’t know.

For the other hand… there is no screen on the hand… both are the same. :blush:

Gunilla—>Thanks!! Agree for the flower…i’ve add some color. Hope you like it!! :slight_smile:
For the beer… i’m agree too!! :beer:

Goul—> Thanks for reply, yes, more saturation, it’s add now!!
Hehe, a belgian brother!! :buttrock:

artemesia66—> Thanks for 2c! :wink: It’s welcome!!

overcontrast—> Thanks man!! But i’ll change the cell, i didn’t see your post… :cry:
i not so contrasted now, just a little on the vegetal plant on the center. Hope you like this update too! Let me know!
I see in you signature that you stop you challenge… i’m sad to know that, but i hope to see your final image one day. :bounce:

Virtuoso—>Thanks for reply my friend, perhaps the first color, was cool too, now i’ve read your post, i must do more test :arteest: … and look which one is the better…

markovicd.—> Thanks my friend!!
Thanks again for your comments, it motive me and help me a lot i return to work!!! :bounce:



Nice finish here :thumbsup:

This last colorset is great :arteest:the flower looks magical in this color scheme…

I`m looking forward to see the final picture :bounce:


Very Clean and Sharp Image What Is your rendering engine?:bounce:


great stuff :thumbsup:


Looks good.
I haven’t seen it in a while. I am impressed with the outcome!


Hi all!!

Thanks all for replies!!! :slight_smile:, all is made with 3DMax 5 and scanline render, except the robot, render with brazil. All is composited with photoshop CS. :wip:



crazy professional work ! cmoney u rock the place! great render:thumbsup: :applause:


• Looking great Lombardo! I would add some bumps to the armor and a bit more light on him, if you look carefully your composition falls to the right side where it is more lighted, try to compensate it a little bit

• I congratulate u Pal, you have done an outstanding job in your whole entry


Ok, finally… here comes the final image, i’ve just saturate a little the specular of the robot. Hope you like it!!


Hope you like it!!

I do, I do! :bounce: Awesome image - I wouldn’t be suprised to see this somewhere in the top.

Congrats on a superjob from beginning to end! Feels good right now, eh?


yeah great i really love it … candy for my eyes ! :slight_smile: