Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


Ok, here the robot, it’s not finish to modelisate, but you can have a idea the way i want to go… Hope you like it! :wink:


Hand details…


Hand details, …
I don’t know if the robot can be a good idea… what do you think?

PS:I’m happy to come back at this challenge, thanks for all the replies!!! :smiley:


• Hey Lombardo! Cool Update, let’s texture it, here in my country we have a Phrase: “as soon it is cooked, you eat it!” Because there is no time, so go on my friend, there is just 11 days left :bounce:


Cool robot! :thumbsup: I think it could work - good luck and hurry up :wavey:


Thanks Climax and Gunilla!!!
Ok i continue the robot so… i’m must go fast, but i’m really motivate.
Here a first test for the head… the front will be transparant, and let us see the pilot.
Perhaps i’ll add a protection for the glass.
Hope you like it!! :wink:


Hi Lombardo…I think the robot is turning out really well.very nice design and flow to the modeling.A nice almost organic feel to it.I could only suggest the feet to have some added size…As well as the hands,but for the hands that’s just a taste thing.The feet do need more size to handle the frame of the robot…

But still I can say this is a very nice piece of work,I really think alot of it.Really weell done.I’ll stay tuned,but you know that already :wink: …Again two thumbs up…:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks Virtuoso!!!

All of your replies motive me a lot to continue!! Thanks!!

For the feet… you’re absolutly right! And for the hand too. And it can help a lot to draw the impression of giant.
i work, i work!! :wip:

I would like to thank you again for all of your replies, i’ve learned, i learn and i will learn for sure a lot, thanks to you my friend!!
And i’m waiting for your impressive final image!!! :bounce:



Ok, here a update, i’ve put the robot with texture ( leg and middle of body are not meshsmooth) on the image and also put some black rectangle on the top and the bottom to see that the robot get out of them.
Not color correction on the robot for now, and no compositing, just put on my last update.
I’m not sure for the flower texture ( omg so difficult to modelise…:’( )…
I’ll change again the position of the ship, put them on the right.
Hope you like this update!


hey what great robot it reminds me of early games! :slight_smile: … Teken and so on :D…
but i think somehow he jumps out of compostion! :frowning: dont know why


even if your robot is a little bit “extravagant” I really like the model-style. keep it up.


The robot turned out great mate! :thumbsup: Fits pretty well in the image…and I like the saturation…it makes it come out from the rest of the image…

Only thing I find off is it’s position…it’s completely hiding the ship…

And an idea…instead of showing the pilot inside…why not showing the reflection of the one he gives the flower too…like that astronaut image reflecting earth in his helmet…:slight_smile:

My friend…you’ve already done a whole bunch of great work…:bounce::bounce:


Hey, I like your robot very much. Looking forward to an update of your composition. The last picture looks quite crowded and the face of the robot bothers me a bit.



Hi Lombardo…Your efforts here sure are paying off…Lots of nice eye candy.each piece turned out real nice in there own right…The robot is a wonderful job,Really a nice design and overall piece of work on him.The flower is a nice delicate touch,the extra hard modeling was worth it (:wink: )…

I can only suggest at this time to seperate the ships from the robot a touch,possibly scale down the robot a touch,a nitpick…You’ve done a wonderful job here Lombardo,and earned a Worlds best Belgian beer,well many of them for your efforts,but wait until the challenge is over to drink them.:wink: :beer:

Until next time,all the best to you…Very nice work.:buttrock: :arteest:


Thanks for replies!!!

markovicd.—> Thanks for reply!! I put him out of composition, it’s to give more the impression he cames to us. :slight_smile:

MogodtBackAgain—> Thanks! Hehe, “extravagant”, it’s a french word, no? :wink:

terraarc—>Thanks my friend!! Happy that you like this update. Agree for the position of the robot, also if i wanted change the ship position, i’ve change the robot too. Now is more in the middle, and the “flower-light ship” from the left top are now on the right, and the “vegetal-wave ship” (like i love to call it :)) is more on the left, coming from the bottom behind the robot.
I hope to post soon a update, working on some compositing.
For the reflection is a very very good idea, i’m not sure now for the cockpit, i’ll try your idea.
Thanks again! :beer:

Russel_Nash—>Thanks for reply! Can you be more precice to what bother you in the head :blush: … It can help me!! Perhaps i can try to change the position of the head protection, for now is turn to the back, perhaps i can try to turn it, to come front of the head. I’ll try to post the other position to show you what i want to explain.
Thanks again for reply!!! :bounce:


Agree with the above - the robot is very very cool! The comp is strange and beautiful -I like it so much:love:The blue rose is an extra touch , very nice - makes me wonder wherever you get your ideas since they are really unique. Congrats on a superjob - and now get back to work :thumbsup:


Oh i miss that, i was writing!!! :blush:

Thanks for reply my friend!!
I’m happy that you like it!! For you suggest, i’m agree, i’ve change the position, i hope to post soon. perhaps this night. :wip:
Thanks for the belgian beer!!! :beer:
It will be difficult to wait until the end!! :slight_smile:
Hope if you come to belgium one day, we can take one ( or more;)) beer together!!

Thanks again for reply Virtuoso… like always, it motive me a lot to continue!!!



I miss that too!! :blush:

Thanks Gunilla!!:slight_smile:
What you said touch me a lot!! Thanks my friend!! :blush:

If you come to belgium too, you’re welcome to take some belgian beer too!! :beer:

Now i go back to work!! :arteest:


Hi all, ok here comes an update, color correction on toshop, and some compositing, i’have got 3 versions…

first one! :wink:


Second test… the ship on the bottom left, is to bright…