Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


Thanks all!!! :slight_smile:

Gunilla–>No prob my friend! Thanks for reply! :beer:

artemesia66–>Thanks too, i’ll post soon it place in composition, i’ve finished to modelise it, i must place ID and after i’ll place it. :wip:

Climax–>Thanks man! Yes, it look like a little… i’ve play too much at this game perhaps :wink:

Alladin–>Thanks, you too, i’ve seen your challenge, the water effect is amazing!! :eek:

terraarc–> Thanks my friend… yeah you right lot of work to finished, but lot of time, and the holidays are coming!!! More more time to work on it!! :bounce:
PS: Yes i know, i will work on that!! :thumbsup:

digital_blade–> Thanks!! Yes some light will be add to it, like the one in the foreground, perhaps more “abyss” style… :arteest:

Virtuoso–> Thanks my friend!! :beer: I work, i work, i work!!
I’ve seen your new update too, OMG, your a good inspiration for me!!

Thanks again all for these reply!! :blush:


Ok, here a compositing with the part, but “à l’arrache” like we say in Belgium… it mean, very very quick!! (Render the part->Photoshop->Cutwith polygonal lasso->Past ;)), my glow are too big, i must correct that… and perhaps the new plant are too slim…( i don’t know, “slim” is the good word?) Perhaps they can be more big, but i don’t want that they take too many space on my pictures, they are not the most important on my composition… what do you think?
I also adjust a little the saturation, like terraarc sayed…
C&C are welcome!!


Looks very good, but perhaps also a bit too busy. Might result in readability problems later… my humble suggestion is to try and single some part of the image out using clever lighting… just to draw the attention to some specific area. Good job still though :thumbsup:


Thanks JamesMK for reply! :slight_smile:

Yes, it could be a nice way to draw the attention…:arteest:
Play with light can help!

Thanks again for reply, and sorry for the time to answer, i haven’t get time before :cry: , lot of work for school!!!

I hope to post soon.

Bye :beer:


well mate where have u been for 5 days!?
i wanna update! :smiley:


Nice to see you’re moving on man! I like your last “à l’arrache” compo…:thumbsup:

The new plants are filling quite nice that space but to many glows as you said…I also prefer the saturation in this pic…

Keep it up…you’re thiiiis close! :thumbsup:


“à l’arrache”…but quite nice still for sure…:thumbsup:

…A very vivid…“VIF” presentation Lombardo…

…I would agree that you should single out or show off a primary model/piece of your work,this will center the viewers eye,than they can look at the parameters of this piece…Allow the eye to flow from a central figure/item to the surroundings…

Either way,you have a very intense and nice piece here,nice work and real interesting Lombardo…keep going strong,and i wish you the very best…:buttrock: :slight_smile:


Thanks Friends for these reply!! :blush:

markovicd.—> Thanks, i’ve work for school, lot of work, but to be cool for the holiday and work on challenge!!! :bounce:
( for info i’ve made this site : )

terraarc—> Thanks!! yes the glow must be corrected. Your comment about saturation help me a lot, for the next one, i will work again more on it, and perhaps with this way and changing light for the foreground ship, i can drawn more the attention. :arteest:
Thanks again for the help.:slight_smile:

Virtuoso—>Thanks too!!! Yes, i’m agree, i must work on it, i will play with light and color too, i have some test in my head, but no time to work on it for now. But i will work sure!!

I’m happy that you like my “à l’arrache” compo…:wink:
It give me a lot of motivation to do my best!!
I hope to post soon. :wip:

Thanks again for these reply!!! :beer:


:bounce: :beer: :bounce:


Hello Mr.belgium …:wink: :cool: …I wish you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR …and all the best…:beer: :beer:



I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST too, have a good party, hope that we can take a beer together one day!!! :beer:


hello Lombardo,

First off, the scene looks a little vague for me??? Anyway, it’s not yet the final so may be…it will be clearer. HAPPY NEW YEAR and waiting for the progress! very nice thread btw!


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

vague… is same that the french word?
If it is, i understand, i must work to get more intention on some part of the foreground…
I will work on that… :thumbsup:

And i wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :beer:


Hey Lombardo - good to see you back. Happy New Year to you … and now it’s time to stop patry and give us some updates :slight_smile: :beer: :wip:


Happy New Year Xsm!!





Gunilla,yes i’m back… and i must work on challenge and post update,… but for now… too many beer to "defrag":beer:

terraarc thanks, i hope it will be creative!!! Thanks my friend!! :beer:

But this 2005 can be very cool, i must work!!

My best wish for all!!!

Cheers!! :beer:


Bring on that update Lombardo…I’ll be looking for it.Until then take care…:beer: :arteest:


Hi all,

Ok, i’m come back, finally…:s …Thanks for the reply Virtuoso!! :slight_smile:
here the last update of my images, i’ve change the disposition of the ships…must correct again the color, but stop for now, because, i’ve got a new idea… you can see it in the next post.
All comments are very welcome!!! Because i’m not sure for this changement.



Ok, i explain ;
i want to put a giant robot in the middle of the image, as he comes to the camera… in his head we will see the pilot and cokpit… to show more that the robot is giant.
I don’t now if it’s a good idea… but perhaps put in the hand of the robot a crystal flower… sign of hope… i know it’s a strange idea!!! :blush:
C&C are welcome as always!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for this ugly sketch :s