Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Lombardo Simone


Lombardo Simone has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Eco-Technology…

Ok, finally… here comes the final image, i’ve just saturate a little the specular of the robot. Hope you like it!!


Hi all!!
It’s my first participation on a challenge!! I hope it will be fun! :bounce:

For now, i’ve got a lot of idea, but i must do a “defrag” to see more clear. :arteest:

Let’s go!!
And sorry for my bad English!:buttrock:


Just a little sketch, it’s the vegetal galactic!! Human and vegetal lives in peace!!


Ok, it’s my first idea. It’s the vegetal galactic! The human and vegetal, lives in peace and colonize the planet. Using the power of vegetal, the human can connect all the planet… It will be cool!

I like vegetal and flower! :arteest:


For the story :

First think to say, there no conflict here, and no war, just union and cooperation. Plants, human and other galactic race will be unified and construct together ours universe.
Around the center plant (a big flower), the humans and other races connect the different planet using the vegetal. All have understand that the technology can live in peace with the ecology, and they stop to kill and destruct the planets. They understand that the future can be beautiful, and that the vegetal can help them to evoluate to the “good way”.
Now, all races of the universe work on the same project, the Galactic Unification.
Using plants and “eco-technology” - a new sort of technology using power of vegetal - all planets will be connect to the central flower. And all races will live in peace.

It’s just a idea. Ok, i know i’m a little utopîque (i don’t know if it’s the same word in english :hmm: ).

The scene’s moment will be at a new connect between two planets.
All the ship converge near the connection and help the plant to make the connection.

I hope that you understand what i wanted to tell. Sorry for my bad english… :blush:


yo slim big up and good luck for the challenge belgium special forces strike again!!


maybe you can do a kind of mutant human, becuse of the time living whit the plants
some kind of girl god of the plants i dont know english eighter.
kind of girl that have some kind of control of the plants, like in batman forever.
cool ideas you have.

good luck, and remeber the most important is to have fun.


Jab’: Thank good luck too, want to see your final work!! :slight_smile:

Genesisa: Thank too!!! Yeah you’ve got a good idea!:thumbsup: It’s not the control of the plant but more a cooperation, but of course, i think, that a mutation is “inevitable” (i don’t know if this word exist in english :blush: ).

Thank again guys!! Good luck and like Genesisa sayd : remeber the most important is to have fun. :beer:


I like the whole symbiotic plant theme here - and it’s a very original idea for this entire challenge. Hope you’ll make the best of it :thumbsup:

Sidenote: Yup, ‘inevitable’ is the same in english, though it sounds a lot cooler in, say, french.


SuperXCM nice going, good idea
good luck friend
keep rocking


SuperXCM, Man I love your idea about vegetal galactic. This is going to rock, Waiting for
more updates.:slight_smile:


jeje is yeah thats what matters, have fun i like you said that you think is a good idea, about the mutation thing.

good luck man, and for everybody here


Great idea!! I like it alot! Keep it up, I’m waiting for modeling :wink:


Thank all!!!:buttrock:

JamesMK-> Thank, i’ll do my best! And thank for the Sidenote :wink:
splotch -> Thank too and good luck friend!! :beer:

madshooter -> Thank man! I like vegetal. I’ll update soon. :slight_smile:

Genesisa -> Yes, it’s a good idea! Have fun all!

Borro -> Thank man! I’ve done some sketch, i’ll post soon, and than i will begin to model. Now it’s the week-end, i can work on it!

Thank again, and good luck all!!!
Have fun, and sorry for my bad english. :buttrock:


One Sketch for a Light Ship, it can take some different position. Sorry for this simple sketch, but drawing it’s not what i do better.


A another sketch, it’s a cargo ship. View from top and left.
What do you think?


A sketch of a Vegetal Tower.


yo slim nice sketches really want to see that in 3d too!!!


Just a test of modeling… the light ship with a begin of the motor. A lot of work to do… what do you think?


Excellent job on the modeling! Keep it up!