Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Linda Ferroni


It’s just necessary to specify that I don’t have the same level as you but i try

well I plan to open a 3d school in marseilles…what a coincidence !!!


Bah I was really hoping to see this finished. I think you should submit it anyway! What harm can be done by it? You have done fantastic work and I hope you continue with your wonderful ideas in the future. Till next time… keep at it!


Linda I am sorry to see you have not gotten this quite finished…But still a wonderful piece that I think should get done in your spare time,It would be well worth your time and effort.I think this deserves that…I wish you the very best in this and all your next creations,you are a sweet person and have lots of talent…All the best to you…:arteest: :arteest:


Flaeticia: I am sure you are going to be a great 3d modeller, you are still very young and have all the future in front of you, so if you got the passion and the will to dedicate many many hours learning i am sure you will reach any goal in your dreams.

Baby: Those rabbits are the cutest i just said to Francesco to by me one of those after seing yours…!

||) |V| |^|: Thank´s i am glad you like what i have created so far but not so happy that i couldn´t manage to subbmit a final in time.

Virtouso: I will finish this pic for sure because as you said it deserves it because i dedicated a lot of time to this and it is a pitty to leave it like it is. And thank´s for your god words with all my respect.


life in this thread ?!? that’s depressing…

come onnnnnnnnnn…


Hi, great work!

I like it, good luck


Hey Linda I saw all the final works and I think that your latest update was good too to submit. My vote for your excellent work I’ll give you here! (Vote)
Take care of you, see on your next masterpiece thread.



SLT : Save Linda Thread

watch this :


This is an OUTRAGE! As a representative of the worldwide wabbit community, I find it UTTERLY upsetting to see wabbits depicted as suicidal maniacs!

Oh, and this one was particularly fun:



Very nice design and I love the atmospheric background.


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