Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Linda Ferroni


pity Marseille is so far from Paris. :love:


If there is love there is no distance…Me and Francesco are a great example for this Greece to Italy - Italy to Sweden this is far…but we mange it and soon we stay together forever yeaaaaaaaaa love love love it is beautiful!!!


arg, that’s sad to hear but best of luck for future cg endevours…

love on cgtalk? oro? I must have missed this somewhere … hehe, congrats ;p
:beer: :beer:


oh Linda, i’ve heard that u can’t finish…now i’ve read it and for me it’s a pity, 'cause your work is too strong and beautiful for never published:cry: :banghead: u’ve done a great job!

Anyway i’m glad u found all what u expected from and more… ;-))))
For me thats another important reason to take my little part inhere - there’s so much more than “only” CG, more than technics, u know… people like Lemog, Virtuoso, Dimi, the mad wabbit, Versiden and all the other (sorry for not listing all…;-)) great people here give these challenges most of personality - these contests “live” in a way…

Wish u the best, Linda and take care. Hope to “see” around here next time…:wavey:


I’ll be in Sweden next week…
maybe…I mean…
forget about Italians…big mouth…small…
here’s my pic without super hero mask if you’re interested…


Sascha: I have to agree with you many of the people that has been in GSO challange has given their own little piece of their selfs not only for the challenge but sharing a thing of them as well, and in my oppinion this has been the best part of this challenge…and many people to remember.


baby: hahahahaha well now that i have seen you i will think about it…you are a handsome piece i love your glases it is given your eyes a better dimension…hahhahahaha

Nononono my heart belongs to Francesco forever but good try hahahahaha!



I hope Fellah makes sure to keep you locked up in Gothenburg… Do not deviate from this.


Baby stay tuned becouse I’m a Italian Mafia and very very dangerous this my mask when i’m are dangerous…


be at Trollatan University first…
I’ll join Fellah later…

I’ve heard it was cold and dark there…so…James, if you don’t have anything planed…
I love space piglets…but I likes Rabbits too.


purple pants are so gay…

gay is good !


… it’s certainly cold and dark :smiley: Maybe you can join me for a bottle of wine and chase the shadows away :argh:

Ficolo, you should lay off those steroids NOW man. I mean it.


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


from now My heart belongs to Flaeticia…

I wanna work on Pollux 2 now…


Thanks Caro :thumbsup:

When I come to greece Me and Linda want meet you…if possible ok?
You are great modeler…


Hahahahahahah…hahahahahahaha…I have to warn the Swedish organisation “djurskyddsforeningen” (an organisation for protection of animals) jesus!!! There will be no piglets or rabbitts alive after you visit, for the gays i dont feel sorry…hahahhahaha be sure you bring a lots of sunshine because here it is dark after 15:30


because here it is dark after 15:30

good, I prefer to do it in the dark…

(I mean with animals…It feels almost the same…hum…)


Baby: Before you give all your love to Flaeticia stay tuned because i have my younger sister studying in Trollhattans University and shes is beautifull!!!..hahahahahahaha…


I might give classes to her ?
who knows ?!?

what is she studying ?

I’ll be teaching french kiss


Her name is Alexandra Autrieb, if you give classes to her send her my love she’s studying 3d digital media…but be carefull with your french kisses…shes my sister and i protect hear…plus she loves piglets and rabbits.