Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Linda Ferroni


Agree too!! :bounce:


You see my dear Linda, after your “Special Italian Fan Club”… you have now a French-Belgium one… :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: let’s go lady :thumbsup: … remain you 1 day to save your masterpiece…


Ok i will explain moore exacly my problem, all the cg challenge files are on my computer at my home i have an external harddisk wich i make a regular backup every once a while on all my pc files and i bring this always with me when i go to my work in Sweden together with my laptop, only this time i did not make a backup before leaving for Sweden i forgott and the files i have now are moore than 3 weeks old and i will be back in my home on wednesday, so now you know i and feel really sad for this honestly…by the way Lemog i am waching your work and it is super …:thumbsup: for you and all the rest offcourse but anyway i have my favourit pics…i am really excited to see the resault of this challenge.


to bad … it didn`t tun out sexy :frowning:


Hi Linda,

Very nice work i hope you do well :bounce: Hope you enjoyed the challange as much as i did.
I will look forward to seeing more of you work in the future, Maybe the next Challange?


Kind Regards


ahhh yess maybe next time


:thumbsup: Very nice nice work:thumbsup:

My congratulations


Well sugar… I’m a bit sad… but I understand… I hope to see you in the next challenge… another time together :smiley:

-> :arteest:


Hello Linda, just droping by to say what a great work you’ve done for this contest and that it was a real pleasure chatting and watching your work. I’d say that not entering the final is not really a problem because…

“san bgeis ston phgaimo gia thn Ithaki…”, hope you know the rest…at least for me that rhyme worked pretty well, knowing all these great people …see you in a thread near you…:slight_smile:


I think that i have learnd much from this challenge and i am really looking forward to the next one wich will be with moore power because Now i have the best teacher in 3d (francesco) Who will in a near future become my husband…I will remember this challenge for the rest of my life because i meet the man of my dreams.

Thank’s all for your nice words and i see you in the next challenge!


a) Too effing bad

b) That’s just great! Congrats to the both of you :smiley:


It was the most pleasant news on this challenge:) My congratulations! I wish you both best and envy you a bit this beautiful feeling:) I’m only 21, so everything is in front of me, but still it’s nice to dream a bit. Good luck! and see you on the next challenge… maybe one entry together? no… better two, some competition between you would make your love more interesting and wild:twisted:


not bad for a girl. :applause:


it’s true it’s a little sad to don’t see you among the applicants, but like said Lemog, that will be for the next challenge :thumbsup:


Oj, vad kul! Första pris alltså, jättegrattis och lycka till!

… to bad you couldn’t finish your image - maybe next time? Good luck!


Sorry to hear about you not being able to finish. I enjoyed your work so far. In fact, I think your latest image was good enough for a final. (Beautiful lighting, by the way.)

Congrats on meeting your future hubby!



wow finaly you did it nice one…:bounce:


Nice to se your new avatar Flaeticia looks really great! CG needs many beautiful girls like you among all the CG guys to brighten up the 3d world!


Oh yes…:bounce::bounce::bounce:…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :bounce:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… there’s so many beautiful girls on CgTalk… I keep here for entire life :bounce: