Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Linda Ferroni


I always loved to visit this thread. the avatar of course…:love:
Hahahahaha and i was stupid enough to believe that you came to my thread for my creation…


Hello “Ugly” Avatar!!!:twisted:

I’m very Happy that you not finish this CG work!!! For two motives:

  1. That so we have more chance for win without your great work!!!

  2. Becouse you soon stay for encounter the love of your life in a Beautiful Place!!!

Anyway your Avatar is “ugly” becouse not have the just signature!!!:rolleyes:

Ciao My Queen

Your Baby…

  1. bas… dentro :twisted: haha

  2. gossip news …? haha

  3. gelosone…

haha… sorry ficolo is was impossible to don’t reply :beer:



Don’t worry I know My Woman and I’m not Geloso Becouse She is a very serious Lady…:thumbsup:


Sorry Guys…

Ficolo: Linda’s baby


As you all can se i am under the power of Francesco Paduano…hahahaha


Sorry to here that, Linda: was looking forward to seeing it finished for the Challenge (although since you’re still going to work on it, I guess we will see it someday).


:sad: No no, Linda. Why you cannot finish? You are under Ficolo’s power and for that you may finish your GREAT work with his help too: he’s a wizard, right? But you are the Queen: who has the really power? LOL. I hope you shall think it over.
It a very pleasure to see Masters at work in this site. You are one of this.
:thumbsup:I wish you all the best…

The comic strip is so funny, compliments


Hi Linda! This is one of the best posts that I’ve seen! I hope that you 're gonna do pretty good in this one! Keep up :smiley:


Sorry guys but it is imposssible i am once again away from my home and there is no way to work on this on my laptop. So this can not be finished in time…But i will show the final when it is ready…and again thank’s for all your interest hmmmmm… or should i say avatar interest hahahahaha noooooooooo…anyway…i see it in this way if it wasen’t for the avatar i would never have meet Francesco.


Hi i like the style of the “star"s gate” ( if it’s a star’s gate). withthe symbols at the front, very good concept and realization, good luck for the end



Why don’t you just slap a DONE sticker on this as is. It’s pretty nice.


• :sad: …:shrug:

What a shame Linda, but I’ll be waiting to see it complete some day :slight_smile:

• I am happy you found “something” good in the Challenge anyway :wink: :beer:


Climax: Yes it is and i feel bad for this because i dont like to start things and not finish them only this time i realy can’t. Anyway… you are doing very good in this challange and i wish you my very best!

And thank’s for all support given to me under this challenge!


It is sad that you’re not able to finish this challenge… I’m sorry for you (and us).

For the next challenge, I suggest you make two threads : one with your work and no avatar, one only with your pictures, to see wich one gets more replies !:love:

Take care, and hope to see you in a future challenge (this was my first!)


scootermaya: hahahahaha good idea actually…i think i try that in next challange.

You take care to.


great work Linda. It looks pretty finished to me.

It also looks like a nice place to visit.


I’m ok too with the scooter idea… his first good idea for 2005… yeeepeeeh :bounce:

I’ve thinking that my last challenge… but now… maybe I will be here for the next one :scream: hahahahahaha

Linda… seriously… you’ve done yet some very very good work… maybe you can post something anyway, no ?.. with a Photoshop last touch… :thumbsup:


Well actually, Lemog is right !
Your last update is quite complete to be a final image… try to post the last required pictures and the final.
We’re counting on you !:love:


i’m agree also with lemog !
you can submit any compo ! You’re work is very good !:thumbsup: