Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Linda Ferroni


I Hope you find the time to finish, It would be a shame if you go now when there is just a couple of weeks left, aniway, I wish you an outstanding new year
may your Project in Greece works fine.
Greeting to Dimitris and Terrarc if you see them :smiley:


Actually, I am also that mad. But not that extream. Hehe, If Ill use the models in other purposes sometime, I like having them “Finished” ;)…

Your doing Great Linda, ill expect to see more excellent modelling.

Cheers, And of course HAPPY NEW YEAR!


linda great job…i wish youa very happy new year:thumbsup:



…best wishes from germany:) :wavey: :beer:


Happy new year Linda! Wishing the best for you and the best of your thoughts come true for your people too!

Happy, creative new year again!!:slight_smile:


Thank´s for all your wishes! This makes me very happy:)

I wish you all a realy good New Year with good work for all, love and understanding.

And big patient and courrage for the People who lost some of their loved ones in the catastrofical event in Asia.


Linda…happy New year to you…All the best to you and your loved ones…:arteest:

I hope to see your creation get to it’s wonderful potential.All the best,and I’ll hope to see more soon…:arteest: :cool:


Hi linda,

a happy new year… I like the mood of your image very well… looks like a smooth corner of our universum. Your sunrise is a little bit bright maybe if you reduce it just a little bit it won`t be so present for the watchers eye. Besides… your image looks real good… keep the good work up.


Nice work so far Linda

Don t know if this is your final view.
The only suggestion of mine would be just a different view of the whole scene. As I can see now, u got two elements at the same size, at the same “level”. Try move the left one closer to the camera…give it a bit turn on our view… I think that most of its details will make your final post more interesting…

Also try to give a “dramatic” camera view…using a bit more vertical POV or a wider-angle lens on your cam.

A very promising project.
Look forward to see this when it will be finished.


I have to say this image is very beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finished scene! I checked your website too, the images are very professional!:applause:


MY GSO, done…


thats a stunning color scheme u got there:)! not to mention all the elements in scene ,great work!:bounce:


Excellent linda !
splendid pictures and… happy nu year ! :thumbsup:


good work …I like the concept of the city …
is there some close-up of city ? can you sign me the page, if I don’t bug you …thx in adv
keep it up!


hmm you definantly have the look down… very cool image probably be one of those books yea buy just for the cover…


Hi linda !
Good compo. Yep ! You’ve done a nice job so far !:love:
One minor issue maybe; the gate looks to facial to me and the first “city ship” kinda disapear in its color… perhaps the gate should be a little more on profile, this will give also more deph in the area.
Otherwise these are my favorite colors and the space dust is realy cool .

Good luck ! Every one can rock now !
Let’s go for the finals !:bounce:


Wow, Linda, your compo looks extremely nice…now your audience is waiting for your final…:bounce:

Keep it flowin’ , Linda, the queen of CG…:buttrock: :buttrock::buttrock:


:applause: :applause: :applause:

wonderful !!!



Thank’s guys i am so happy for all your respons and i feel realy sad because i will not be able to finish in time, but i will finish the scene anyway even if it will not take a part in the challenge.

It has realy been great to be a part of all this so many new friends and good people i have meet in here, i can only say MAY THE BEST MAN OR WOMAN WIN!!!

And for the next challenge i will finish for sure.

Good Luck to all of you!


I always loved to visit this thread. the avatar of course…:love:


haha lol… but… that’s true :love: hehe…

Hey Linda :cry: sad to know that you can’t finish in time (hem hem well me too I’m in a critical time too)… anyway I hope to see this work finished… :thumbsup: congrats for your work is really beautiful…