Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Linda Ferroni


Thank´s Dimitri kai kales giortes ( pira apantisi apo tin douliea dextikane tin protasi mou! ):slight_smile:


very nice composition it looks beautiful!
great work!


Weeeeeeeeee…den ksereis poso xairomai gia sena…kali arxi me ta paidia ayta…yxomai na se doume kai kapoia stigmi stin Athina…filia polla kai kales giortes…MERRY XMASS :bounce:


I think your last update looks great linda, but maybe not busy enough?


ace4016: I know but unfortunantley i have no more time to work on this…


very nice linda. :slight_smile: I’m happy to see some female artist in here I wish you good luck and really enjoy your work. Ciao :stuck_out_tongue:


• Well come back Linda! I like the Space very much

• If you close your beautifull eyes just a little bit, you’ll see your composition falls to the left where the portal is, I think it is to much lights on it, maybe try changing some light colors, I mean more colorfull, try some reds and oranges, so it compensates with the whole composition

• I think the cities look much better without the electric ray domes, but it is just my opinion :slight_smile:

• MIddle of the image is a bit too empty, but I don’t know what other elements are still missing

• I hope you had the Xmas of your life and that you have a very happy new year Linda:beer:


that’s too bad… you were nearly finished… I think :shrug:


hi there
it looks nice… though I think you may need to ‘focus’ on something. Right now both elements seem disparate and at two corners of the plate. Maybe you could try a strong centered composition with the disc in the background while the space station is closer to us… thereby establishig some relationship between the 2 elements.
Just a thought… but nice work :slight_smile:


Divaise: thank you glad you like it, yes the true is that we are very few female in here i wish we were moore.

Climax: Hi i wish you the same i had a beautiful Christmas but for my new year i am not so sure if it will be… maby next year…but for you i wish the best i hope your New Year bring you luck, love and anything you wish for.

I will see what to do about my scene and all of your advices time, time, time hmmm…

nemirc: Yes i know but i have realy had many things going on in my life not only work, and in the beginning of the next year i will start a new project for a company in Greece and i know that i will have no time left for this sorry, but i will try realy.

ajitmenon: I will concider your suggestions.



Great stuff LInda. :thumbsup: I really like the overall colour scheme and lighting. IMHO the noisy light pattern on the dome over the cities takes away from them. I’d consider making the effect much more subtle.


Really nice update! I think it could benefit from scaling up the big station just a bit or going with something along what ajitmenon suggests. Right now the elements seems a bit even.

But that’s just details - this is going to be super - best of luck! :thumbsup:


Very beautiful Linda… I like a lot… just one thing make me a special effect… the blue rays around the city… if we considere the global scale… it seem rays are enormous, no ? more thin will be certainly better… but it’s your artwork and it’s you the great artist… I’m happy to see your project near to be achieve… good job girl :thumbsup:


Hi Linda!

Great colors! I am loving the feel of your image… Composition is also cool, just a few suggestions though…

  1. You could tilt the stations a little bit… they look a bit awkward being perfectly straight. This happens a lot because we’re used to place stuff in relation to a ground plane ( he he… architecture work, I told ya… ), but in space it would make more sense to align them with an orbit… You could tilt them so it looks like they’re being attracted to the planet…

  2. Try and vary the scale of the buildings in your stations, both in geometry and in texture, light patterns work wonders here. If the scale looks too similar between buildings it’s harder to give the impression of massive scale…

  3. Like I said earlier, I do love your colors, but you could differenciate the stations overall pallete to make them stand out more…This is more visible near the “gateway” area, where the eye perceives the stations as being almost dissolved into the background… some distance based effect would also be a nice touch imho. Sure, there’s no fog in space, but hey, I think there are no jellyfishes either ( not sure about that last one though… ) :smiley:

Take care and keep up with the wonderful work :thumbsup:


before forget it… I wish to the Grand Space Opera Lady, all the best for year 2005…

:love: :love: :love:


WOW Linda :bounce: , besides your avater, you’ve got awesome stuff here! :rolleyes: :thumbsup: That concept of it, and the lighting / composition / texturing (/ avater :wink: :twisted: ) …! Just AWESOME!

Hmm, I think you’ve got my vote :buttrock:

Greetz & good luck (in Greece :slight_smile: ) & Happy Newyear!,



[woeps, dubbelpost :shrug: ]


Happy New Year Linda …and i hope we will see u here in Athens soon…Best Wishes ! :bounce:


hi Linda,
it’s nice to see you thread. cool job on everything. HAPPY NEW YEAR Linda!


Too bad you dont have enough time for this challenge, I love the models you have, would have liked to see more. Happy new years