Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Linda Ferroni


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Climax: Many good advices for me i am gratefull for that thank´s, BUT please erase the: take of …thing because i am a very serious person even if this is a joke i think this is a bit to much i would realy preciate if you could remove it.

And Climax do not take me wrong i am also a person who like jokes, but don´t forget i am a woman in a mens world so please take care of the few there is.

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Hullo there, I finally have some time to spare and I decided I’d drop by.
After seeing the modeling test I have to say that’s a very interesting concept (kinda reminded me of a movie) but there are some things I think that look weird.
I believe that the ring portal-thing-on the left is too close to the city. Maybe making a “widescreen” image would work better?
Also it feels like the city was somewhat empty… maybe ifyou added some lights and traffic and things like that (a big ball of smoke just like Los Angeles, hahaha).

Overall it’s a very nice concept :bounce:


my avatar update is breathtaking as well :smiley:


• :blush: :blush: :blush: Yeah, you are right! Please forget that awfull comment, I guess it was a bad joke, I swear i didn’t mean to make u feel unconfortable and I hope we can be friends after all


it’s nice to see great update and real effort… you’re inspired… and keep inspiring us:thumbsup:


Thanx Climax i realy preciate it and offcourse no hard feelings.


Here I see some very interesting…your entry is great! Are you an architect? I like the skyline …very impressive. Good luck with the King of Naples…finally is back!LOL
Best regards



I think nemirc is right about the portal a bit too close…

as for the overall image… it looks very clean, which is good… I hope the other ships you’ll add won’t make it too populated…

looking fwd to more ideas


Your city is beautiful. nice to see this coming along. i d sort of agree with some of the other comments that the portal looks a bit close to the city. keep going!


wow ur city looks wonderful right now… u’ve progressed a lot… very nice modeling and placement of object, but i too agree with the portal being too close to the city… there’s another thing, the gap between the city and the thursters looks to enpty, i suggest using more wires, cilinders and hidrolics, that will add a lot of waight to ur work… well thats abt it, its great to have a beautiful lady with great talent in this challange…keep it up and good luck :thumbsup:


well… i said that this linda doesn`t know anything… :))))) kidding… ! very nice work here…
keep it sexy :))


I think maybe we are in the fine line between clean and too clean.
I mean, I am not hoping you add “an army of a thousand ships” but don’t just add 2


i love the background, n’ the city is going really good so far
the structure reminds me the space city on the movie “Dark City” (good movie, btw)

greetings xD


that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the image…


Your work don’t like me!!! You can make more more !!! Hahahah:thumbsup:

Becouse you are the Queen of the Cg Girls… “B U T[size=2][color=white]”…You are also my Life!!![/color][/size]
Thanks for all our words today…

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Thank´s Baby you are always in my mind…


did anyone say Elvis fan? :applause:


Hi all i have been gone for a while but now i am back i hope i will be able to finish this in time hm… if not i must say this was a good experience for me. Anyway here is my final composition i will stay with this, and now i must, must start to texture. The two bases further away will have the same amount of detail that the first have.

Comments are very welcome.


weeeeeeeeeee :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce: …Yeah baby…er…sorry …yes Lady…this is cool!