Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Linda Ferroni


A nice trip.:cool: …Well I would like to take a trip to your creation here…I can see a nice visit in a beautiful place…very nice.The compo the details and style are all very nice and I get a nice feel; and mood from your work here…Nice Linda,your doing a very nice piece here…:arteest: :thumbsup:


Virtuoso: Thank´s i am happy happy :slight_smile:


Hello linda. Your update is looking really nice! :thumbsup:

The coloring scheme brings out some “dreamy” feeling and “stardust” don’t know maybe it’s the soft glow! The vertical take looks great too! And the planet makes a nice contrast!

Welcome back! :wavey:


This is a great entry, i was following it in the beginning but forgot to post (silly me). Your last update looks pretty good, i have nothing to critique right now. Awaiting your next update.


terraarc: Glad to be back your words bring me light in my darkness:thumbsup:


Ok your happy happy…Thats the only way to be…Now since you have the inside scoop on this beautiful place perhaps you can get me a couple cool:cool: suites…Again the mood and atmosphere the fairey tale appeal is on high levels…:arteest:



This is a really nice piece. Love the detailing around the stargate. Perhaps a tip in composition would be to make the scene busier, perhaps something passing through the gate?

Anyway, looking good.



Linda …u are on ! :slight_smile: T^his is looking damn hot now…U remeber what i told u?..the really fun part is seeing your texturing in progress …so now i can sit back and watch…:bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Virtuoso: You just won a free stay in my spacy world…hahahaha

jamacsween: Yes this is what i have been thinking thank´s.

DimitrisLiatsos: Yes i remember i will start the texturing part now huh…sit down and stay cool. Eyxaristo!


Oooooh lala…Spacy World…:cool: :cool: :cool:


Hey Lady…check your pm…


Very impressive !
Why these green and blue colors ?


Ouch… I like so much your latest test of rendering… I love the colors… tonality…

Just one thing disturb me a little… the town appear a bit virtual… maybe because there’s not a lot of little details…

I know what necessary, that we seem more the life in your town, maybe fog or vapor… windows lights, etc…

In any case, you do an incredible work… that strong and very sweet in same time… :thumbsup:


I think it’s the gradient lighting… kinda overwhelming in the pic…


Very nice space city!I like a lot the mood of the image!colors and light on top of all.


I will concider all of your good advices:)


Looking good :thumbsup: My first impressions of things that could be changed for the better would be the lighting. There’s a little too much “head-on” lights here (or maybe it’s just my taste)… also the distant ring structure would provide much more depth to the image if it got a little less light.


• Breathtaking update to your avatar!

• Your town looks cool, maybe making it look much more darker and with lots of tiny lights and some big ships arriving…

• I feel the gate is to close to town…I think JamesMK is also right, not so bright, I would put it a bit away and bigger

• The planet also need a bit more volume according to the space town, but it should not call too much attention, so your excellent modeling comes out :thumbsup:

• You should also model in catwalks :smiley:

Keep your cool work Linda, come visit me sometimes to my thread, I 'll have a couple of glasses and Champagne under the lights of a Space Opera Sky :love:


Very pretty and the latest update to the challenge isn’t bad either.
My avitar is flattering to me too.

Seriously I look forward to seeing it progress more.


Hi Linda,

Nice work you have done so far… Good to see you’ve not given up, looks like you’ll finish.

It will be easier to crit when the scene is closer to completion.