Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Linda Ferroni


Hahahaha Dimitris i think you better send him help quick, this whole story is serious and i have to thank CG Talk for that!

Francesco 3 days left did i calm you down now?


I’m a chocolate with HotPepper!!! :bounce:

Baci my Linda!!!


…:eek: u mean…aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ficolo …u are one lucky italian Bubble Nut Lover…ahhhhhhh… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:scream: :slight_smile: :bounce:


If this is going to get serious i would be honoured to be your Best mAN IN THE WEDDING…weeeeeeeee
SALUDE !!! :thumbsup:


Yes i’m very lucky man!!!



GOod goOD Gooooooooood very good work !
I love it ! X cuse me to interrupt the honey talk ! … :shrug: I had to tell Linda the great job she’s doing out here !

I have a suggst about the “gate”, it seems a bit unproportionnal to have all the symbols on the top , no ?
The rest of the scene is comming out very nicely !
Good continuing !


scootermaya: thank´s i am glad you like it i will consider your advice:thumbsup:


Mwaaahaaahaaahaa! :smiley:



Oh, and cool progress on the models as well. “Business trip” eh? M-hm…


James: hahaha oh yes at the moment i am but soon i will be with the King of my heart!

Ha det bra och lycka till:thumbsup:


Detsamma, men glöm inte bort att göra färdigt GSO när du kommer tillbaka :deal:


Oh no offcourse i will continue as soon as i am back if Francesco let me leave from Naples…

hahahahaha…Kalmar min bästa vännina är därifrån.


LINDA Your Knight say: you stay with me at Naplesfor more time!!!:smiley:

Your kinght


Hahahaha…si si si amore mio i will continue in Naples then…with moore inspiration from the Sorrento Coast line…


Hi Linda , you’re doing great work - hope to see some updates when ( or if…? :slight_smile: ) you get back - you rock!

Har sett dina interiörer på animate tidigare, dom är kanon - kul att se nåt helt annat också, lycka till :thumbsup:


Thank´s Gunilla i am so happy for your nice words!

Ha det!


HI. I like your concept, your models are also great, I am eager to see your final image, with all the post effects, lights etc… I will keep visiting your fourm frecuently.
May be you could take a look of my work.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


Linda wrote:
i will continue in Naples then…with moore inspiration from the Sorrento Coast line…

No wondering where your stargate leads anymore! :slight_smile:

Alwayw waiting for updates!!:thumbsup:


Hi Linda

the idea is great, i like it:thumbsup:
good luck and keep going

see it


Ok now i am back from my beautiful trip, back to the reality hahaha…thank´s for your words as always i am happy for your interest.

And in a second i will post an uppdate.


Hi guys and Girls i have started to modell the town hmm…sorry for delay but i had no time realy and i hope i will be able to finish this in time.

Please comment not so much on lightning because i have not started to think about that yet.

I like suggestions on composition.

I will add ships as well as i said from the beggining.