Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Linda Ferroni


Hi all thank´s for all replys hm… stargate (don´t kill me now all of you star wars fan´s)

But honestly i didn´t even know what you where talking about stargate here and stargate there :slight_smile: so i had to search on google an find that stargate from star wars wich must be the one you are talking about i am not a big fan of starwars sorry :sad: actually i have only seen the first one that came out many many years ago.

And if i understand right the stargate in starwars is inside a building or ship my entrance (not stargate) is totaly in space.

Any way i am sorry if it looks to much like it but this is was what came up in my mind and it is going to stay like that nothing of my modeling are modeled after something i have seen now for the challange but of somethings i have might seen in the past i do not know they are just picures that comes up in my mind here and there.

i realy preciate all of your comments to make improvements i realy need it!


Its normal to remeber something , it is impossible to have a 100% new idea.

To me it doesnt look like stargate .


Thats right,
designing something new is not possible, RE-designing it is what we all do!
keep it up linda!


Actually, Stargate has nothing to do with the Star Wars series; it was a originally a sci-fi film which spawned several hit tv series on the Sci-Fi Channel (the lastest is Stargate: Atlantis). The story revolves the stargates, which were portals to other worlds created by an alien race (the original film had a lot of Egyptian mythology in it).

EDIT: Not that I think your entry is any less good, linda, cause it really is. :slight_smile:


ArtisticVisions: Thank´s for the information, good to learn something new!


im liking the stargate youre doing its gonna look really cool with some original ship designs flying through it. hope to see more soon keep it up


Here is the entrance almoste finished i do not think i am going to add to much moore details i had to remake the textures to a much larger resolution because of the size in the final rendering.

I also gave it a name The Entrance of Kaerius.

As usual all comments are moore than welcome.


Hey Nice colors!, very cool.


Yeah… I like this way for the gate, especially with these symbols… just one thing, I found a little poor the external circle… I imagine it with more details, maybe engraved…:wise:

But you’re the chief of your creation… and you do what you want… :thumbsup:

A latest question, there’s 11 symbols… that significate something special, or it’s only for the design ?


I like the look of the gate! Modeling and Texturing really fits!
Only thing I have to crit is that the inner red glow should illume the outer ring.

It looks as if both the red and the blue fog kind of thing should lit up the gate a lot more… would look a lot better in my opinion.


Lemog: you are right about the external circle in the beggining i did do some engraved details but then i was afraid to look to much stargate as people mentioned before because it also has ill see what to do with that the symbols stand for the 11 planets in the universe of Kaerius.

lehmi: thank´s i will concider this in final rendering.

keep on giving me crits and suggestions:)



new concept looks great… I think the texturing so far is looking really good.

maybe you can add ships coming in a out of the gate, like an intergalactic highway …


Compliments for the Stargate much beautiful and rich of colors
Nice work!!!:thumbsup:

I’m your fan " bella di Ancona".



if u want to u you could substitute the symbols for example with types of stone plates , for

example gold , jade , silver , ruby , agate , pearl , whatever :slight_smile:


We know that… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :banghead:

and you’re not the only one… :shrug:


good idea squibbit.

Francesco and Lemog you make me feel good thx (if you are serious) hahahahahahaha…:slight_smile:


I’m very serious with my Queen…:curious:


if i may…count me in your fans club too…:bounce: …



Ciao Bella and good work


It is getting hot in here…hahaha:thumbsup: