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Hi all i have been gone for a while but now i am back i hope i will be able to finish this in time hm… if not i must say this was a good experience for me. Anyway here is my final composition i will stay with this, and now i must, must start to texture. The two bases further away will have the same amount of detail that the first have.

Comments are very welcome.


Ok i will realy give it a try i havent done anything like this before so this will be a chalange to me wish me good luck.:slight_smile:


Hi this is my concept just a scetch to make an idea so this is going to be much moore detailed but my idea is a moving space town and the town is going to be the focus in this image i will add som ships around the enviroment but not to many because that will distract the focus on the town.

This is realy going to difficult for me not so much the modeling as the atmosphere but that is exacly why i like it.

Waiting for comments.

No battles for me:)


here is an early sketch of on of the ships

Oups sorry doble posting se image below


Hmm… having seen your renders at 3dstation I have a feeling we can expect some very high quality work here. Looks like your heading towards a smooth Homeworldy thing, but without the fighters and battles then… It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.

Good luck :thumbsup:


here is an early sketch of on of the ships

I made double subbmittion you can see sketches on next page in this thread sorry.


Here is an sketch of the main base i am not doing my sketches exacly how my model is going to look like in the end i sketch them to have a idea and a goal to model after.

Double subbmittion see image on next page in this thread.


Here is a beggining of my main base model


Hi linda…
I love your idea and the sketches… and what a great start… just on the main base are you sure to add this horizontal structure at the same high of the roof… I found they made it to louder…




hey linda,

nice concepts, you start very hard this challinge wish you the best luck
show more and keep the hardwork


jddog i would be greatful if you could explain moore exacly what you mean and thank´s for your comments they mean a lot to me.


The 3 horizontal structure that compose your roof (like a pergola) like you draw it they are ‘loud’ and the can be a elements that aren’t in according with the rest of your architecture. Until now is the part that you didn’t modell… Eventually better to do round or bombed elements and thinner…

:blush: hope I’m more clear now… me and english are 2 different things :smiley:



Ok now i understand and yes you got a point there thank´s very much


I liked your art so much i’ll be following your progress here, keep up.

:slight_smile: BTW: if that is you on avatar allow me to say you have good looking.


here comes a small uppdate before going to bed god night will continue tomorrow.

Double post se image on next page in this thread.


like the concept & love your finished works sure it’s goin good …maybe small elements in the foreground goin’ to city (not necesary a ship…maybe rocks…)


Hi Jaba oh this is just one of the building in the moving city if look at the first concept sketch you will understand i will do many different buildings this is just going to be the base building.



Linda you need to load each steps via the CGchallenge thread and not via your web site !
If your milestones are not loaded you are not qualificated !

check :




here is an early sketch of on of the ships


hehe looks great linda. Glad I found your thread, allowed me to see that I also need to post updates in the proper manner. Good Luck!! Will be fun to see a category such as this, from a female perspective.