Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Levent Gocer


vehicle 3




I have been modeling this vehicle from this morning till now. It’s process still active. I am tired a little bit.

I entered the challenge so late and now I am having the excitement of the pace to make it complete.

Vehicle is being modeled by me using “patch” grids.

It has some specific easines besides hard to control after hours of work with a tired mind especially when it gets more and more complex.


Continue on vehicle


Detail of headlight befor completing




This is looking really good. With the time ticking I like the effort you take to show how you came about modeling the vehicle. I guess I can’t give you any advice at this stage other then keep working at it to the last minute. I would also like to say a big thanks for dropping my by thread and placing your thoughts. All the best of luck and hope to see your final work.


A try for lighting, texturing and camera angle.


Full scene background


Detail of backround city


Texturing backround


Modeling and arranging the frontline objects


Lighting and rendering the scene


Compositing different layers and adding post effects.


This is the final image of the work.
I hope it will be useful for all.
I had a great experience here.
I am so happy to participate.

Greetings to everyone.


Congratulations on finishing this challenge. You have done very well and not only that it was in the spotlight racing against time. Good luck.



Scenery story:

In the efforts of colonizing the space, pioneers are being sent towards all “life-suitable” planets. There are several different hard conditions in each group’s destination planets. However pioneers were elite people from nearly all kinds of professions, armed with knowledge, hi tech hardware and software plus innovative vehicles.

Super-hovercraft (pictured here) developed after two engine recon speeders being realised that they were too fast and can not make pinpoint landings. Equipped with 2x150hp and 2x300hp, totally four turbines plus a rear jet booster.

Another speciality of the craft is a built in observation robot provide camera footage, infrared sight, weapon control systems lock plus mechanical mending service.

With their hovering capabilities, lower fuel consumption rates than their predecessors, ability of travelling at very low speeds airborne, agility and ease of embarking debarking like a cabrio car made them one of the LEGENDS of COLONIZATION SPACE.


Hocam selam,

bakıyorum jet gibi bitirmişsin. Süper olmuş bu arada ya. İnanılmaz bir hoşluk. Gerçekten kutlarım.

Unbelievable, fast and detailed work. Very nice. Would make good tutorials out of it.

Good luck and I definetely will vote for this one.

İyi şanslar…



Hey Levent,

You did a great job in such a short time, I like the canyon and your hovercraft model. It would have been nice to have a few more hovercrafts in the distance maybe. Congrats on a good pic and good luck.


yorumunu ve yaptıgın calısmayı yenı gordum.Calısman ıcın soyleyebılcegım sey ıse dagları ve arka planı cok keskın yapmıssın keske bıraz yumusak yapsaydın

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