Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Levent Gocer


Levent Gocer has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: SCOUT PIONEERS’ SUPERCRAFT


Scenery story:

In the efforts of colonizing the space, pioneers are being sent towards all “life-suitable” planets. There are several different hard conditions in each group’s destination planets. However pioneers were elite people from nearly all kinds of professions, armed with knowledge, hi tech hardware and software plus innovative vehicles.

Super-hovercraft (pictured here) developed after two engine recon speeders being realised that they were too fast and can not make pinpoint landings. Equipped with 2x150hp and 2x300hp, totally four turbines plus a rear jet booster.

Another speciality of the craft is a built in observation robot provide camera footage, infrared sight, weapon control systems lock plus mechanical mending service.

With their hovering capabilities, lower fuel consumption rates than their predecessors, ability of travelling at very low speeds airborne, agility and ease of embarking debarking like a cabrio car made them one of the LEGENDS of COLONIZATION SPACE.


Here is my concept sketch.
I am thinking of developing the scene more. It is open for the critics from now on. (There is not much thing to get criticised at the moment right now, i know but at least it gives the idea, though)


Here is another sketch.


After a lag in submissions i am sending my base model. After hours and hours work i think i finally achieved a proper figure and face. I think i can easily manipulate my base model to generate nearly all of my characthers in the scene since i tried to keep it simple (low poly) besides still giving a perfect view under smoothed appearance.


Here you can see the face and body a little bit more cleary. Since i added the texture of a human face, i am sending it as texturing milestone. added a spaceman helmet also. Simple and cute.

I think i will send many modeling and texturing milestone pictures further.


Title explains


Besides modeling the items over the battleground i have to arrange composition and background. Just because whole composition may affect the detail level of the models (i try to avoid uncessary details in modeling which takes enormous time.


Compositing starts over a suitable sky, final image of it must be something different.


Good work. Keep it up

Hocam inşallah zamanında bitirirsin. Az kaldı ama iyi gidiyor. Biraz daha fazla wip koy bence çünkü bu kadar az resimle pek karar vermez bu herifler.


I have to change my concept I think.
I entered the challenge too late, I have a little time left but I havent lost my will to complete it yet.

Wait for the new concept. By the way I am open to all critics, helps and suggestions by the way I am also open to give help and suggestions as well.




I recently changed my ideas and concept.
I entered the challenge so late and there is not much time left.
Also I see that there are many combat scenes.
I hardly believe that I can complete the combat scene as I imagine at the beginning.
Thus I want to change it to a PEACEFUL one.

This new scene introduces some spacemen discovers something in an exile area.

I pray I hope to send more


Hi there,

It seems you have changed the timeline so your work covers after the war. It is ok but will we be able to see smoke from the explosion and also some war leftovers like guns, bodies(dead) (maybe you can include some monsters here so it is spaceware).

I hope you finish it on time.

Your sketch looks fine but I am guessing it is only a part of the scene. Do you have a complete scene sketch or are you going to build it piece by piece.

Hocam iyi gidiyor. Bir iki resim daha çak buraya. İnşallah bir kaç kişi daha yorum yazar. Yorumlara verdiğin cevaplar da çok önemli. O yüzden özellikle ingilizce yazdım ki sen de bana ingilizce yaz jüriler olayın gelişimini görsün.

Hadi kolay gele…



Well, actually what the scene is that you see. It may seem bare regarding the previous one (the one that with a battle in it).

However you probably will see the WIP work over the new canvas. Infact I changed only the composition, not the items in the scene.

Result is hmmm… OK My aim is to catch a minimalist scene. Not much rubbish on the ground, no crowds but clean and artistic (indeed more cinematographic) view.

With some brilliant ideas if I will be able to put on the picture, I pray and hope that it would be a good example.

My best wishes dear friend

Dost, artık biraz da senin için yarışıyoruz :slight_smile:


Here I start with the spaceman costume.
I am including some items, devices may took part in the scene.

Spaceman body is basic, things are minimal and seems not much muscular, just tried to be realstic.

You may remember the spaceman casque.


This is the detail sketch of the robot in the pod in the scene.


Hi there,

I kind of agree with Mitralone, the ‘discovery’ concept could maybe do with a wider framing giving the whole image a grander feel and showing som more landscape - think widescreen :slight_smile:
You don’t have much time, so you have the right idea keeping the concept focussed rather than sprawling with few elements to model you can concentrate on quality and the scene setup.

Good luck for the 17th mate.


I like your new concept better although I’m not sure exactly what’s going on. The dude in the stretcher looks like his days are numbered and it looks like he has just handed something important to the guy standing over him. I like the lookout guy with the binoculars. I also like the smoke plume you made before, you should keep that.
Can you clarify what the story is, then it would be easier to make suggestions?


very good concept and design…:applause:


You are right that I must show some more landscape. I am working on it now. But I am still doubtful about “widescreen” presentation. Since it has a possibility to spread the viewers’ attention over the focused area. But I still keep this idea in my mind.


The story is that:
After days of work some “pioneer scoutsmen” achieved to gather enough knowledge about a newly discovered lone planet. Maps, charachteristics etc. This is so important that they MUST return this data back.
Trapped in a desert plateu, being followed by adversary beings (those may be some oppositionist pioneers or enemy units maybe aliens etc.). Their craft is damaged (I plan to put it on top-right corner, far away) and soon it may be get scuttled.

They try to run away but “fuel” or “energy” is about to deplete.

In their long run they need energy to keep the pace up besides over normal temperature of the environment causes to a need of an extensive “cooling”.

Whilst, sensors find an anomaly over the planet surface, they left the craft (which is about to burn or explode in a matter of time), gone for a small expedition for the discovery and find a pod with an unfamiliar (and nonfunctional) robot inside.

They examine the artifact with amazement, besides they must still be alerted about the chasers.


Firstly it’s good to see you here for the challenge. It’s a nice thought of you to consider changing your concept to something that is tone down in destruction. Aiding the people who needs help is what we all need more of in this world, good on you for doing that. To improve the look and feel of the robot you could try doing a few masks and filling in your tonal values, that way you will have nice clean edges. I guess the surface on that robot would be a metal material, you could take up using a harder brush to bring out the realism. Generally metal surface are solid and have more reflectivity.
I’m too not sure how you go about putting the tones in but a handy tip I found is to use the dodge or burn tool (if Photoshop is your choice of application, though other similar packages might name it differently). By adjusting the opacity and applying your brush pressure this tool does wonders, quick and easy to get accurate values from the one colour. Hope you’ll make it for the deadline but more importantly this challenge is all about learning and mastering the unbelieve. Best of luck.