Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Laurent Cantinieau


Laurent Cantinieau has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: the hero rought !!

here is the hero design concept :d


The story:

Long time ago, the humans, started to conquer the univers. They finished by meet the old’s races. Races who the humans already knews, … only in the book : ORC, ELf,Lutins … all these races of legends were from others univers.

The Popular Republic of Earth, was a militairy federation. They imposed their peace, an unfair peace, to the other races. Cause the elfes, darlf, and orc’s races did not want to make the war.

Part of the Elfes, did not supported the power of humans, esepecially cause the elfe’s race, is the cleverest,and oldest race of the univers. So they decided to wake up the older elfes, so powerfull, to counter the human’s civilisation. The old’s elfes used the strong orc civilisation, against the humans…

This picture:
THis picture, is the fall of the famous chief of orc army, Grad Hurt Gover, during the first attack of orc, against humans. The legend say, Grad Hurt Gover died, after 100 days and 100 night of fight.


Like it’s an legend’s picture, i thinked to make an picture ratherly plane …

but …


but i thinked the picture would be better with an dynamic view…


i thinked the sky’s war and the heros positions, were too colse, so i felt the picture was unbreathable.

so i change the picture’s format, to make the sky more free…


here is the picture composition in 3D…

finally after i finished to realize the draw compostion in 3d, i thinked… it’s better to use full charactere …


so a friend of mine said me, the picture was too symetrical, and finally he prefered when we can see only the bust’s characteres…

so here is …


i posed the light on the scene …


so here is the design about the Grad Hut Gover, the orc heros, and the main charactere of this picture …


here is the concept for the armor of orc, i tried to make something original, less mechanic, more scarefully …


Amazing 2d illustartion skills!!!

That by far is the most original Orc Amor design I have seen to date!! Which is much to say as Orc’s have been done to DEATH.

As far as the composition, very intersting. It has the air of a comic book cover illustration. I am wondering if the “normal” humans in the comp. are worshipping the orc or shooting him. I would prefer if they were shooting the orc.

Any ideas on the style for the buildings??

Great work, keep it up…


in first , thx for your message :D:)

SO yes the human’s are shoothing the orc, i can understand your mistake cause i did not put the humans guns. :smiley:

i have some ideas for the orc’s spaceships , human’s (but nothing amazing), and i start to have some ideas for the bulding desing, something original, between chatedral and sky creeper…

we will see :d…


i don’t know perhap’s is better …


Yah your new sketch is much better. Its more solid. Now all you have to do is make those characters totally nuts in 3D.


Your last concept sketch is really iconic.
Can`t wait to see it in 3D.
Keep up the good work!! :thumbsup:


ok thx, so it’s not so hard to make my choice now :D…


Hi there Laurent!

I really love the last concept you have shown here. I don’t know if you read Tolkien’s Silmarillion, but your image reminds me a lot of an episode describing a battle between the dark lord Morgoth and an elven king torn apart by grief and hatred… truly iconic :thumbsup:

Just one detail, tough… I think the spaceship in the top right portion of your pic kind of steals a bit of protagonism from your “evil” character…

Best of luck to you…


it’s not definitive, it’s jsut to have an idea about the 3d composition …

i think if i have the time , i will try to creat an background …

we will see


really thx fro your comment :d

i did not read silmmarion of tolkien, … but your idea is really great, i love a lot :d

i made the spaceship mor littel, but i used it cause the “troll” (yes, it’s an troll), is under the orc controle, i wanted to show it, and make feel this “evil” like an kind of pinoccio … so your coment make me happy :smiley:

But perhap’s you think it’s not good for the picture … ?


Hi LSaurel,

I like the camera angle > gives a dynamic impression and underlines the dangerous situation (David vs. Goliath).

Maybe it could be an nice if you add a great cityscape to that big building > just to point out an indication of huge city environment. Then you could let them burn up to the sky :slight_smile: