Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Laurent Antoine Lemog


I really like your concept …it is very original.
I am looking forward to see more sketch from you .
I am sure the final image will be awesome.
good luck :smiley:



good sketch,:applause:
le design que tu presente ne t’es pas habituel, c’est tres épuré. t’es model le seront également ? ( qu’en je pense au foule de détails que tu a placé sur tes autres compositions …

good luck

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Lemog Way Of LIve : Job Baby Challenge ( you don’t sleep ?)


I hope well that the wind will be able to be carried, but not too far from this challenge nevertheless. let’s go now…


Ninox -> I don’t know if I done other sketches… I don’t have a lot of time to work on this project, then, if I hope to finish, I must start the modeling now… :bounce:

Glim -> I don’t think there’s less details in this composition thant my oldest… For the moment, I know, there’s not a lot of details in the sketch… but I have a big part of the different design of spaceships in my mind…

And cheers for my WOL :applause:


Nice concept and sketch. Can’t wait to see the 3d version:thumbsup:


This is really the latest welcome ever seen in this forum…a big welcome, Antoine! Good to see that u take part in here! Another most important thread I’ve discovered today… more shame on me:banghead: :banghead: for not finding it to the right time…excuse moi s’il te plait, Antoine!(oh my god, my last french-hour was 14 years ago…hope it’s right :wink: )

…and as always your concept and your sketch is outstanding great - u know I love old, ancient things - and it’s absolut great to see the connection between the past and the future like Jules Verne- this is epic, mate!!

Looking forward to see microscopic details and other filigree stuff from a master:arteest:

All the best to u

subscribed :wink:


madshooter -> thanks man :smiley:

Sascha -> it’s not a shame… there’s too much interesting thread here… it’s not easy to be everywhere… it’s the same thing for me… (oops, I must go to see the one of Madshooter, I forget him too… sorry :shrug: )
PS: my birthname is : laurent :scream: huhuhuhuhuhu or lolo for friends…


Je le savais…je le savais… :bounce: :bounce: :thumbsup:
Bon bin “good luck and especially good courage” copainngg


Beautiful sketch monsieur Lemog!

Nice to find your thread :cool:


really elegant, just got lifted away into this…
dang, I guess I wished I was on the same vacation as your lucky voyagers.


yes!..really nice start man!:thumbsup:
now let us see those mad 3d skillz!


Yazguen -> merci ami breton :slight_smile:

mosconariz -> Gracias me amigo… estoy muy contento de te ver aquí, no sabía que participaba también, voy a ver tu thread rápidamente :bounce:

oldhobo -> Thanks man… immediat boarding :scream:

rattlesnake -> first 3d stuff… in few hours (midday for me:D )


This is the sketch of the first vessel… it’s the biggest ship I will do, for mass people transportation, earth to moon.

Start of modeling come soon :wink:


:bounce: :thumbsup: :love: Love this illusion u are trying to bring to life…visionaire Laurent :bounce:


Yes Dimitris… follow me in my mind of dream… so far of the real life :wise:


I’ll take 4 tickets in first class Lemog…I am sure you can get them for me eh? You are the builder/owner yes?:wink: …beautiful old world charm…with a futuristic twist…Too the moon with this would be something…Or should I say “WILL” be something…:arteest:


Oh yesss… We will see these things made out of wood and cloth and old metals right?

It will be so sweet… :bounce:


Virtuoso -> I’m sure you’ve your place inside… with or without tickets… a question : the 3 other ticket are for who ?

James -> you have some doubt about wood, cloth and old metals… at this moment, I can again decide to do all ships like plastic model… with beautiful run-outs of glue :argh:


No no no… :banghead:


My brother the other half of the Virtuoso Bros and two beautiful maidens of course…:love: