Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Laurent Antoine Lemog


I like the concept, original and I suppose absolutely unique here… well I didn’t every post, but this is really unique ! Love it ! I’m sure that can come out a great epic scene and… well somethings special lemogish stilish ! :smiley:

Hope you can found enough time… :thumbsup: from a special swiss suporter :scream:



Two for the price of one…English and French…Already a unique start…:arteest: A lot of thought Lemog…This will be deep and interesting…Now I expect lot’s of wonderful eye candy here,the sooner the better…:cool:


Yes… I think it’s sure now… I start :bounce:


Yeah ! Lemog Force be with us !


EssenceDesign -> thanks a lot for your support :thumbsup:

jddog -> I don’t know if special lemogish stilish exist… but I’ll try to do something of different… but certainly something of special… like me :scream: Big thanks to my prefered swiss suporter…

Virtuoso -> Yes Michael… I prefer to put here the 2 versions of the story… like that, if I forget something, I can read the french version… it’s more fast for me, to don’t have to translate the approximative english I wrote :smiley:

Then… be happy good people, I post the concept sketch in a few hours…


This is the first image presenting the bottom of my thought, and especially, the style of the composition.
Of course, this image is a little poor, because there will be much more spaceships, styles and different sizes. The flying station will also comprise many details.
I hope this composition agree you will like the spirit and that you will want to see more.
If it’s the case, I think to begin the modeling next night.
I don’t know yet by which element I start. Certainly by the biggest vessels, that which is charged with the lines of carriage of many passengers, for the travels very far in the galaxy. Of course, there will be moreover little vessels, which them could be more personal means of transport, for displacement of the earth to the moon only, for example.

To follow.


You now, Jules Verne was my absolute number one favourite author when I was around 12-13 years… I think I’ve read everything he wrote… Your concept here is like old Jules is around again doing a CGChallenge. As I know your style in modeling and texturing, I know this is going to be absolutely ace :cool:


Hi JMK… my name is laurent antoine… but just call me Lemog

…not Jules V. :twisted:

mouah huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu


Amazing …simply amazing…and what i am thinking is that i KNOW what the textures and general feeling will be…Lemog u hit jackpot with this …this is going to be great :bounce:

Vive La France!!! :bounce:


Hi Lemog…Beautiful with an air of mystery and ambiance…Jules verne yes,one of my favorites,I too can see this to a degree…I know in your hands this will be great to see progress and fun as well…have fun and may all the potential come to fruition…beautiful feel and mood,just my cup of tea…:arteest:


Very iconic !

I have a book called : Futurist Vintage of the XXe century, its a gallery book of many image made in the 50s about space exploration etc… things that people dreamed about but that we ll never reach…

Your image has really something from those years, the colors, the people seeing the ships, even the look of the ship a kind of old school design :slight_smile: and it looks great !

I hop we could see more from your idea even if you have work for client… BUT YOU MUST FINISH THIS ONE !! :twisted:

lookinf forward for updates, good luck sir Lemog :wise:


Dimitris -> if I were completely sure of what I could do, I think that I would not to do it it’s the prospect for the unknown things which perhaps will enable me to make it or not. To make or not to make, that’s the question.
That Patrice Mac-Mahon saves France :buttrock:

Virtuoso -> I don’t want to think to Jules Verne… I try to forget all of him… and I want to devote myself at that time, 1850, and not to his work of visionary.


beautiful sketch u have there…:thumbsup:

the brief says think along the lines of something for a book cover - you’re definately on the right path here mate.
It looks so dream-like … wow, can’t wait for the final


cipher -> hmmm… I think your book is very interesting… and thanks for your comment… I don’t have start the modeling, and it’s too early to said it… but I hope to finish it… the subject starts to invade my spirit, I think that starting should be done soon. I will have to very properly manage my working time. We will see well.


A book cover… you’ve right… it’s naturally come when I prepar the sketch upload… I sought a font adapted to the topic, and to this old time.


wow… j’adore… I really like it. :applause: what a gerat sketch and concept ! Bravo.


Great sketch! The retro concept sound quite interesting and tempting!:thumbsup: I’ll also give you a “go for the finish line” wish!

Happy modelling/brainstorming!:wip::arteest:


Thanks to Swiss Peoples :thumbsup: m a is l e n t e m e n t e t t r a n q u i l l e m e n t… :smiley:


Thanks man… the true word is HAPPY… it’s the most important thing for me… anf then, if I have too much occupation now… if I can be happy… to sleep is less important :eek:


Ahh, les navires voguant au gré des vents d’ether… nice eerie feel, spot on . Keep it up!