Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Laurent Antoine Lemog


ça claque ! Connais pas ce monument parisien ?


ace4016 -> hey… maybe be next time… I hope the next topic will be also interesting like this one :thumbsup:

glim -> You’re right my friend, it’s finish, and I’m a bit sad… mind without a big project like this one, that’s so strange :scream:

Squibbit -> See you in the next challenge mate :bounce:

jddog -> no prob for champagne… I’ve many bottles in stock… you can come !

Versiden -> Thanks friend :beer:

Lotah -> Oooooh thanks… that’s better for me… you said that I am the big one… and my wife said, the fat one… hahahahahahahahahaha :argh:

gpepper -> Normal, vu que les Pavillons de l’expo Universelle de 1900 n’ont pas été conservés :wink:


Congrats to you, Lemog! Honour well deserved for a splendid job! :thumbsup:

And amazing new picture! You just couldn’t stop working, could you :slight_smile:


désolé, tu sais je manque un peu de culture… :sad:


My wifw say this for me too…hahahahahah:banghead:


U crazy Frenchy …with all your models …u can do an animation now…:thumbsup: :bounce:

PM me if u have an ftp place to send u the Above and Beyond Model so that u can have it and play on texturing with it…

I have a wierd idea about an animation with all of your work …weeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I dont’ pop in your thread during past 3 month ,and we don’t talk to each other much , but
I think I have to tell that , with your quality and quantity of your work , you are my first entry!, hope we will have fun with the next challenge together!
see ya


Not so bad for a classic Art :cool:


• Congratulations Lemog! You did a great job, I see you thriumph as mine too :smiley: have fun my frenchy friend! and have some beers too :beer:



Et merci pour tous les bonus, notament le dernier


Just realised I haven’t formally said ‘congrats’ yet…


CONGRATULATIONS, you frenchy wuss!


Hi Mr. Frenchnut,

I were out a week, and i missed to congrat u…but now i have to make up for it:


[size=2][color=white]Really a good choice…your work was /is always outstanding awesome, my friend!!![/color][/size]

Lookin’ forward to see u in the next contest…until then best wishes, Laurent…
and keep your great work alive…

okidoki, cya


For me:

Lemog is winner!!:bounce:
Lemog is winner!!:bounce:
Lemog is winner!!:bounce:
Lemog is winner!!:bounce:

Lemog is winner!!:bounce:
Lemog is winner!!:bounce:


we know all then that through all these challenges and its pains, gaining truths are the challengers themselves, cheer with all the participants and I must pay Laurent homage to you (after 2 challenge whith you…)on this site, and it will not be the last I hope… finally to finish I wanted to say to you that it is always a great honor to work at your sides… and that you really made beautiful a job, you remains gaining it for me… :buttrock:

your friend Serge…


I know that man… I understand, for me too, it’s not easy to following and answer a lot to all interesting thread… but I will be honored, to participate an another time, near you, in the next challenge :thumbsup:

Frenchy Pilou -> Sacré Pilou hahahahaha

Climax -> Beer… no ! for the final… let’s me offer you a cup of champagne… it’s my country mate :scream:

lukep -> de rien pour les bonus… si ça a plu à beaucoup de monde… c’est vraiment une grande joie pour moi. D’ailleurs, pour le dernier, je viens de recevoir un CgTalk Award… cool :cool:

JamesMK -> Hey my friend… soon, we’re are another time together (If you see what I think :deal: )

Saschi0815 -> Thanks Sasha… I’m so curious to see your next challenge… for GSO, you do something different by the previous one… you progress a lot in you art… Congratulation to you man :applause:

lotaH -> you’re so pretty Lotah… I think all challengers who finish their creation are winners, no ?

Gulliver3 -> Serge… c’est toujours un plaisir… et tu as fait encore une fois d’énormes progrès… j’ai hâte de voir tes prochaines créations… rendez-vous sur le podium copain… :buttrock:


Yes, I see exactly what you mean - quite a funny thing, no? :cool:


Yes… so funny… before to be happy to see the result… this is the first thing I mean… do you think if it’s possible to add between a bottle of foster’s ? :scream:


Mwaaahaahaa! :smiley:



No. The winner is the model:

Most fun;
Most friend;
Most promising;
Most intelligent;
More “borrowed of beer” :twisted:



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