Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kvitko Dmitri


Kvitko Dmitri has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: Suit_main_Smoothed Screenshot

SubD screenshot
human suit


There is the Chess for the project… Oly The horse figure have been derailed… texturing ahead… quick render to get the picture…
The image is going to be about two leaders of armys aliens vs humans( or close to humans) which will play chess ( on the hill) but down the hill the real war is between two races… the meaning is… leaders fight own fight and the troops are fighing own fight… later u will understand… sorry for such limited information about my work… i will explain abit later… :slight_smile:


okay great wen i first saw the chess stuff i guessed that u wanna make aliens and human play chess… o well keep updating i wanna c more… btw good luck with ut GSO :thumbsup:


Very nice idea! Make those leaders very clean, and quite entertained, completely different from the troops. That would be a very thought provoking image. The only problem is the amount of work… I Wish you best and hope you will finish on time.:thumbsup:



I have to agree to the two post before… very nice idea but it sounds like a lot of work.
Maybe you try to sketch your idea first even if its just a rough. But I think it will help you
keep an eye on the complexity of your illustration.


There is a little more details on the figures…


I had an accident with my old horse… so i had to make a new one…

there it is…


thank you guys for ur replys…

yep it seems to be alotta work, but im aiming for my free time on the vacation :wink:

sorry that i am not making the picture clear for u, i will do it probably tomorrow… for now i need to finish working with chess figures only because i know myself, if i stop it will be hard to cont. :slight_smile:

thx again! :slight_smile:


there is just a render (style) and lighting overview… basicly texture is showing both colors for black and white sides… and only the"queen" have been updated with the textures…


i guess those who see this, are already bored of chess hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway there are final colors and shaders…
planara mapping for UVs
simple spec and def maps
8 lights -> 1 point light and 7 spotlights


so there is an explanation, the final image should have this sort of place… two key characters will be on the top having a beautiful view on (war) the dark green is the alien or its not really an alien yet, looks more like a sphire, but anyway on the right side will be the alien and the human will be on the left side… they will be playing chess game. Alien will be winning

i hope 49 days enough to make everything as i want!
p.s. im not too much of a 2d artist so sorry for such an ugly sketch…


Those who by this time hates chess figures or anything like this, can relax now, thats the last figure! horse lol again… this one on my opinion is the closest to other chess fugures…


Hello! So there is the sketch or at least it looks like a sketch, but i guess you guys will get the idea how aliens head is going to look like… it will not be used for the reference, i never use reference for modelling!

On back of his head is going to be the part of his hemlet, which will be behind his head, the hemlet itself is going to roll back just like the glass on your “bike hemlet”


so there is the result, yet its not detailed, still stome small things needed ( im talking about face )


So there is wip in progress


some more wip images…


there it goes…


small update


a small update…


I loik your alien dude…very original…quality looks like it could have come out of the ILM creature shop…good work indeed…keep it up… :thumbsup: