Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: kostandinos yiatilis


Nice progress here :applause:

Great work, no critics :thumbsup:


This is going just amazing…Well Done…!

Keep it up but don’t forget about… u know what! hehehe

About the princess, u realy must enlarge the height of the distance from her lower back to the head… Spine is too short!!! looks unatural and is spoiling every detail that u made to this model… usually the height of the human body takes about 52-58% for legs and the spine with head takes the rest…! Keep it up! U Rock!


Well, it’s as much 2d as 3d, but still great piece of work. Even this kitchy light doesn’t look that bad:) waiting for your next move, no crits yet:twisted:


Good work on your hero… :thumbsup: Sure the light is kitch, but a little kitch is always needed!!!:buttrock:

Waiting to see what you can do on the princess… (Won’t she be wearing any clothes?, because you seem to be dealing a lot on her body…) The face needs work. She looks like an old crone… :eek:

Keep it up!!!:applause:



This is one of the final stages in the composition. Still have to add ships smoke the sword of justice.
I don’t have time damn it.
The final image is currently 9000x6000 pixels and it’s growing.


We know that you can work with photoshop layers,and setup the soft layer with blur, but its simply too much "soft blured". You can barely seen whats going on.


It’s a bloom effect…
It’s what blizzard uses on it’s imagery and u find it cool
also as he said the final image is 9000x6000 (i think u will be able to see the detail in that resolution)

Good work man:buttrock:

I see u appreciated my input kotsos:thumbsup:


Nice work there Kostantinos!

I believe we will see great things from you in the future!:thumbsup:

Continue the … CREATION!


by the way i can’t wait for the final image keep it up kotsos:thumbsup:


As for ixor comments about the princess I must say that I just saw in the TV a woman that looks exactly like her and her body is identical to hers and no is not a TRANNY:eek:


I gomena stin eikona fainete poli kali!! Mpravo!!
Anipomono na do tin teleutaia eikona!
Vale kai ta psaro-skafi kai tha einai gamati!!
Tha ta pas poli kala!


Post:bounce: Post :bounce:Post:bounce:


Shall i put this one or the next one


Shall i put this one or the next one


Or this one?


Or this one
Oh my god i can’t decide


Definitely the first one, amazing colors and atmosphere very artistic congratulation kotsos you very much impressed me again. I hope you win


This was my original idea, i’ll stick to it. I’ll like the second one too but it doesn’t have thbe girl…


Looks great, but I don’t like the backgrpound color. In my opinion it would look better with this blue one from the 2nd test.


@arturo: Thanx for the crits man but i’ve already uploaded

never mind anyway