Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: kostandinos yiatilis


going home to model stuff for all you cgtalkers

arturo game me a great boost
liatsos sent me to a really good thread that inspired to make the princess perfect

so off i go see u tomorrow


Hey guess who

The princess is cool. And so is the rest of ur stuff, original and stuff. Cya tomorrow


Hello kotsos!

Nice progress you have here…The lady surely needs some work on various rather delicate parts … (aka a$$ and b00bs)…I think they both luck some gravity…
Suggestion…If this lady is not be moving…why not model her on final position?

Anyway…best of luck and magic potion for your effort mate!!:bounce:

I’ll just go and check your website too…:slight_smile:


The bottom half looks a little too male for me. What would happen if you pulled the hips down a little, pulled in the stomach and thinned it all a bit? I just think it needs a little tweaking, but then again it’s difficult to pull off a human due to everyone having references around them. I like your effort, and wish you luck.


I think her belly button is a bit low, and that’s what’s making her hips look sort of narrow and masculine. and move the breasts closer together, but someone already said that. Otherwise, looking good to my eye. :thumbsup:


I think that the model of the female is more of a shemale. If you take of the breasts the body is of a male man! The female body is more delicate and thinner. You are not working on a body builder kinda character you are working on a female. Make the thighs thinner, the waist smaller, leave the pelvis as is. Work on it and take as reference your girlfriend…


@ixor:(les malakies karga)

have u seen britney spears (perfect body in my opinion), she has a perfect round ass, perfect boobs that don’t hang , muscles on arms, legs, belly and she is petit. i’m dissapointed in ur lack of vision for the perfect woman body (although it is a matter of taste)

@artemisia66: i’m posting an update, u r a woman so i think u can understand the bodytype i’m looking for

@terrarc: (iparxoun k ginaikes pou den tous epireazei toso i varitita) just because in real life all women don’t have perfect bodies doesn’t mean we have to make all women so they have saggy bodies, young women have perky breasts, tight firm buttocks(i decided to use her on an other project so i’m going to work more on her)

@neble: male bodies as i can see from my own (which is quite well formed and masculine) don’t have a waist we have a triangle shape, she has a waist and firm nice buttocks

generally take a look at he next update and i want more feedback, but keep in mind i’m going for the britney(almost perfect look), plus ihave not used photo reference it’s just the image in my head of britney’s body


@ixor: des kai afto to thread a deis pos tis exoun kanei tis gomenes, mikro stithos akoles klp
realistiko men alla de m’aresei giati exo dei kai kaliterous kollous stin pragmatikotita

ektos ton allon den prospathoume na mimithoume apla tin pragamtikotita, prospathoume na ftiaxoume to teleio, to fantasy (kai to style mou einai pio poli comics para realistic)

epeidi tha to eftiaxnes esi allios den paei na pei pos afto pou ftiaxno ego den iparxei i den ine oreo i einai shemale, pou profanos den exeis dei (den exoun oute mesi, oute kolo apla dio vizia kollimena) kai ta kalitera sxolia mou ta ekane ginaika pou ta exei k mprosta tis gia reference


An update on the princess, simply posed just for renders sake.


Back view (nice!)


Another one


Another 1


You better make a bigger progress, time is geting short my friend:D


This is a tranny not a woman!!!
The ass is HUGE!! The thighs are HUGE!!
She doesn’t have a waist!!
Her shoulders are too bulky and built!!




My take on the look is that there is some fine modeling,clean lines and nice flow…I see her as an athletic type,and well toned muscle wise.All in all a real nice job Kostandinos…:arteest:


Compositin on the central hero


This is the base layer everything else is painted in photoshop


I added a lens flare just to show the energy source. I know it’s cliche and kitch.


oppps so many nice updates here …welldone:thumbsup: