Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: kostandinos yiatilis


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Aris don’t get my thread full of crap

Jesus! Smiley things everywere i want people to se my work not smileys

Skouliki. De tha kaneis thread esi tha deis

@Every1: Hi every1


Basically improved the breasts…


The same as the previous but without the wire


A view from the front (3/4 front that is)


I also finished the arms and hands but didn’t bring a render with me.(damn)


requesting crits

does everybody think the breasts are ok (perfectly shaped i would add)?

do u see her as ur fantasy girl?

anyways any kind of crits are welcome…


well …the breast is better than before but I think that you should enlarge it just a little bit, there is too much space among the breasts …
keep it up!


The breasts themselve are ok, but in compersion to the chest they seem too small. But not too much. And should be a little but closer to each other. But the shape is realy good.


Yeah i had them bigger but every1 critted on (friends out of cgtalk) that they were quite big
anyways i’ll post more in a while
making the shape is difficult making them bigger is a piece of cake

@niki: yes maybe you’re right, a bit closer will probably do the trick
@arturo: i made a female once with huge knockers, pretty funny, till mu dad saw it and told me i had wrong ideas about female anatomy and what is beautifull, but slightly bigger won’t harm anyone…

anyways thanx and every1 who has an opinioncan post it, crits are always welcome


i think that the breast big enough,maybe too big. All the guys just say: BIGGER!! BIGGER!!:slight_smile:
I would make it smaller. look for Niki`s avatar for reference:thumbsup:

I think that topology of the mesh is not great. The lines should copy the natural shape of body. No parabola, hyberbolas around the legs. it looks like you just pull the vertex, because it wasn`t low enough:-) but if the model will look ok, and you will not animate it, to hell with topology.


nObody has critted my website (boohoo) , well except niki (she always crits)

i want to know what to change, cos i have some new ideas (surfing gives me inspiration)

anyways cgkostas is waiting for your crits on the princes, on the site on previous stuff on anything

i get bored easilly and replacing my brother in the shop isn’t interesting(it’s f… boring)


I would suggest if u want to be sure for her topology …to look at

Body Topolofy Thread Started by Steven Stahlberg…

U will see to many issues and stuff for it …one of the more educational threads in my opinion…go check it :bounce:


cool works, cool design, but man!!! why it’s so damn big? everything looks so huge and I totally don’t like that:) it’s hard to see something. Make it all smaller, and it will be good. In my opinion of course:)


@ darkone :animating a dead princess? interesting…
well i’ll make better use of my vertices next time, i’ll send pics tomorrow…
anyhow i did a test skin, using biped(after i added the arms, which i haven’t posted yet) and it deformed quite good round the knee) anyhow it’s just for simple posing and the shape is what counts in this case…

see ya


my last post considered your web site:)


She`s in good shape then, ya know, not all death bodies are so nice:)


@arturo: my website was designed on 19" monitor display
everything looked tiny (desktop res of 1600x1200
i couln’t even read my own text
1024x768 is the res of the images used as backrounds

i would like crits on the images (not so much the layout)


I also have 19’ but 1280x960, and believe me, it’s too big. I don’t mean the background pictures, they are very good, I mean only the text in the menu. These buttons are too huge for me:) The pictures are realy good. You are a good artist. Your hand there is most impressive to me. I would only make the fingers a bit longer. Heads are also on a high level, only shave the hero:)

ok, I leave your site in peace and wait for next stunning updates here:twisted:


Thanx i’m getting you

@arturo: cleaner smaller site coming up soon thanx again for the crits (the hand is from a photo of my own)