Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: kostandinos yiatilis


The fun composite is awesome!!
You should put a couple of statues in the background like these guys.
You know for extra detail. :beer:
Ti ora tha erthete se mas kai ti ora tha pate sta ksadelfia tis?
Keep it UP man!


just saw ur models! they are awesome :thumbsup:!


This is a mini tutorial on what i diid to make the previous image. The layers where composited in photoshop…


You modelling is awesome! Also your explanetion of your workflow is very interesting…! The way you detail stuff etc… Just very cool! And: reaaaaly interesting and nice mini-tut!

also a technique i started using some months ago for stills, is to texture in photoshop straight on the final image, thus avoiding the painfull process of uvmapping for one still

I’ve also been thinking of this way of texturing last times…:shrug: :slight_smile: To me its also sad to have to UVmap etc a complete scene, júst for one pic! For sure because you have to take care of the mapping right while your modelling… (modelling every minor detail is very fun, but not if you have to map and so on, every detail…:shrug:) Now I’m thinking of rendering a clay after all modelling and painting on it in PS; save it and project it as a planar map ón my scene, and tweak the specular etc, and thén render the final… :slight_smile: Would work lots more artist-friendly :arteest: and lots less techically :slight_smile:

Good luck & happy newyear :slight_smile: ,



Nice…happy new year


Wow. How did I miss this thread before? (ok, there are like 1200 of them). Great stuff. Your concepts are really inventive, and your modelling is great. I’ll be watching this thread from now on. :slight_smile: Also, thanks for your detailed explanations about your process–they’re very helpful. :thumbsup:


Hi everybody have a HAPPY NEW YEAR
Hope you like my mini tutorial and explanations (page 7)

@Artemisia66: thanx for your kind words: happy new year thanx man: happy new year

@ixor:happy new year

@DimLiatsos: Happy new year

@terraarc: happy new year

Happy new year se olous ahahahaha



Sorry for the lame new year kotsos. :banghead:
Can’t WAIT to see something NEW!!


Dude your work is Awsome!!!:thumbsup: I don’t have any crits just looking forward to seeing your final image :bounce:


Hi everybody,

What’s up? Hope you all had a nice time at new year! I had quite a good time, well with some delays if i could call that…

Well updates…
I’ve started working on the princess as the following screenshot shows, but the main thing is that my site is finally up here… check it out… if i see some hits i will get the paid hosting servive so i can put up my showreel…

anyways i made the hand for the marines but there isn’t much point in posting it…

tomorrow i’ll post a half finished turbo bike for my friend dim liatsos…

plus i got word from artemisia66 that there are other girls on cgtalk…

what can i say

a question to everybody: who thinks a “muscle simulation in max” research that i am doing for my ba will be interesting…


Just started modelling the princess, just a screengrab.


Hey no crits…

what if i don’t ask for them i don’t get em, isn’t that a waste of crit space
anyways at least i got a decent number of views since i posted so i understand that there might not be any crits (yeah sure)

got bored of the challenge… wait till the weekend i’ll get u all fired up, just cos i’m working doesn’t mean u’ll get rid of me…

wait and see (and then crit)

anyways nothing new, was …to… …tired… …to… …pick… …up… …mouse… uh…h…u…

just posted to say hi



she looks nice so far …but I have to say I don’t like her breast …
keep it up!


thanx for the crits

yeah her boobs are quite strange like plastic(silicone taht is) ones, ill have to ask my girlfriend to model for me to get the shape right, lots of sketches lots of time with her naked, i don’t know how long i will last

anyways (nikki:more via private message)

i think it will turn out quite good, i have made a sketch of her on previous posts([check them out)](

we’ll see

tahnx again


ehehehh … however … you can use the breast of ur gf as reference …(or check pix out …!!)


I hate when i have nothing to post

@niki: i’ll do my best, i just don’t know how lon i will last…

@every1: the challenge is going pretty well impressive entries hope i get mine finished in time

time is running…

see ya


…don’t do your best man…do what u have to do!..and fast now :slight_smile: :wink: :wink:
(Etsi gia na empsixonomaste ligaki! ) :bounce:


@dimliatsos: i will do what i must, i will do it quick, i will do it good

i will not fail you(yeah sure)



You have very good ideas and concept background, but still lot of work to do.
But i dont like the vine layer much, its killing all detail under it.


@darkone: vine layer is just for fluff, final image won’t be like that, i just wanted to show people the possibilities of post render texturing… and element adding, pretty usefull for stills

see ya guys