Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: kostandinos yiatilis


Thanx for the crits

@ DimitrisLiatsos: Yeah, it could be more real like, it was just a fully reflective material,
i haven’t used GI on him except for a couple of clay-renders and i haven’t textured him, so i still have stuff to do. i will also do a lot of texturing str8 on to the final image (you can see a previous post i have 3 minutes in photoshop and u get bullet holes and some dirt) plus i’m going to composite lots of passes to get final results, which i want to be more fantasy like.Now if you mean life like in proportions and stuff, i think the work i will do on the princess will showcase my anatomy and real life modelling, i just want these guys to look like there from somewhere like Warhammer 40k or something epic knight style maybe even metallic horses-bikes, like the one u have, but with a jet turbo engine… hovering and stuff. E ti les? Avrio tha kano kai alla updates, ektos kai an argiso poli apopse, ehm ehm… a nai k to kranos moiazei ligo me to diko sou, sorry(fainetai to kato meros tou prosopou tou)kai mou arese pou vazeis @ gia na deikseis se poion milas… psagmeno

@ thanx man, yeah he has that dark mean kick ass warrior knight thingy, we’ll see what happens…



While he looks cool with that shader on him I’d caution you on getting too enamoured with this one chracter and especially, one material shader.

Think of your scene, the context of it and how these characters fit into the overall scene. If you loose that focus your final image will loose focus as well.

Still… he does look cool…

Nice work so far!


:bounce: …his proportions since u go for the Warhammer look are ok…i was just reffering to the texturing…but i think u are in a good road with him…i 'll be back (my Favourite Arnold Swageneger line… :scream: )


Today was kind of a crap day for me i didn’t work on my Grand Space Opera, cos i had to help some friends of mine with a movie their making, a parody of matrix called: “faketrix: retarded”

i made i cool matrix style ship for them and a sentinel tentacle and now they want me to make (now read carefully) -bathtubs-. huh? what? adaaa…

ok it’s a parody…

@DimitrisLiatsos: u didn’t tell me about the horse-bike turbo hovering stuff…

well when it’s finished i’ll post the www address…

ok buy guys

see ya tomorrow with updates


The reflective soldier is GREAT!! Just light the face so we can see all the details. Awesome work keep it up. I moni aporia pou exo einai pote tha prolaveis na kaneis to ba sou.


Hello kotso! :slight_smile:

The soldier looks awsome, but needs some less reflection to show off the model (as most of the guys here already mentioned…)

faketrix:retarded…hmmmmmm ( or better like Neo in Matrix’s first movie said…“whoooouuu!”) :thumbsup:

Keep them coming Kwsta!:slight_smile:


Thanx guys for the crits

@terraarc: yeah the reflective material was just a crap thing i did to see what i would get out of it, i just posted it cos i thought (still think) he looks quite dark and cool and dark and cool…

@cgkrusty: sorry man i didn’t see your post (what a lame excuse), well if you look at my previous posts you will see that i don’t use a reflective shader, i just posted it cos i think it looked quite cool… anyways my concept design features several of these soldiers so i want them to look cool individually to make the whole composition stronger… i’ll post a clay-render with an approximation of their final positioning in the image… it looks kinda like marble decorations on temples… i’ll have to post to show u what i mean…

probably friday, i’m working late and i don’t have 3dsmax here (it would be quite slow on this machine)

thanx guys and i am not going to use the full reflective shader-material in the final composition

anyways goodbye for now, i might post some helpers, if anyone wants them


Bye for tonight

No posts i feel guilty or something
i was reading a debate on film vs HD vs DV
sorry guys i’ll make up for it tomorrow

bye again

Everybody Grand Space Opera…yeahhh


Can wait to see something new!!
The time is near. You have 20 days left so hurry up!!
I hope you get a lot of votes I will surely vote for you.
Cant wait to see something new.

tha erthei telika protoxronia spiti mou?
i artemis eipe oti mallon tha erthei… :applause:


This a tset to show where i’m heading with the bottom part of my scene…


These are two guys featuring in my entry. This is their placement, but from a different angle. Check previous post to get a better idea…


These are the same two guys as in the previous post, but covered in vines. Like they where statues…


I like some of the tips alot. Thanks, it will probably help me out. Hope it goes well for you in the competition, It seems it will.

All the best.


This is tottaly beautifull :wink:

i like your models very much man! …and they do have kick a$$ guns!


u didn’t tell me about the horse-bike turbo hovering stuff…

which one is that?..i went over all your posts :argh:


Hi guys

@Dimitris Liatsos: Thanx man. I just like to do that with the vines. I did it once to test the idea so now whenever i have a clay render (gi that is) i go cover it with vines. The sky matte is made out of 2-3 photos with different blending modes and some color adjustment…Plus the soldier on the left has a simple dirt layer with multiply on it…

@mireneye: i hope other people like it, but you didn’t need to post the whole thing again.anyways thanx…

@ixor: these r the updates i told u about, tomorrow comes a new lot, more detail more soldiers and probably a test of the sky with ships… we’ll see…

buy i’ll post soon

yeah: donate to the asians, what a disaster, it makes me sick that they don’t have money for an alert system, but we don’t have one in greece…


@DimitrisLiatsos: perimene na to vro


@DimiLiatsos: i’’ make a hover bike over the weekend just for you…

@ixor:tha erthoume kai se esena kai mallonm tha pame kai se kati filous tis artemis

ok bye for a second


I like your work … the concept is really great


Huh a girl in cgtalk, i didn’t know girls where in to this stuff, cool

I go to an animation school in Greece, in the first year we had 4 women in our class, 2 year 1 woman, third year still 1… my girlfriend hates pcs

@niki: i think it’s cool that u like my stuff thanx

@everybody: do u know other girls that dig cg?

ok maybe you are not a girl but nevermind don’t spoil it for me

thanx for the crits (not crits more like congrats…)

i love it when people dig what i do
it makes me feel like i can do more and more and more and more