Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: kostandinos yiatilis


Adding Wires and stuff. Getting more detail.Starting Front blades


Just a sketch of the rocket launcher i’m currently modelling…


Finished the blades. Side view


Some doodles


A detail view


You have some nice models here , looks like you are off to a good start. The hero guy looks unstoppable,great stuff.


Some more modelling


The helmet with my head in it


This is a simple sketch of the princess. I decided she will feature as part of the power surge (sword of justice), so i’m going to start modelling her in a couple of days.


Hi guys and Merry Christmas(although a bit late)

Hope you like my progress on the rocket launcher, i’m going to post a rendition with both the gun and the rocket launcher.

Now i’m working on the Hero model changing it a bit to make the rest of the marines.

Plus i’ve posted in an early concept on the princess, i’m also going to use her in the beam of energy coming from the hero, we’ll see.

Hi to Terrarc,Lefti,Liatsos,Brutus,Yperfikos kai olous tous ypoloipous


A clay render


Another update


Just a test. Clay and normal light with some dirt.


Awsome work dude! I really like your style man. sorry to hear about the lack of internet! Sucks huh! I have been there dude! I have net now but it’s dial up and painfully slow to browse through these forums with all the pictures to load etc…Almost as slow as my rendering! LOL!

Anyway dude good luck with your work! not that you need it you got talent dude!
Regards Gary.

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Once more I have to admit that your work is pretty stunning… Keep it up!!! (skeftikes na kaneis 3d gia tainies… haha!!!)

Timon - Kammenos


i alithia ine oti voithao kati kammenous me mia parodia tou matrix

thanx for the encouraging words

i will kill the “brave little castle”

greetings to “honest emerald”

@ blackdragoncg: thanx, i’ll do my best, i saw your work(crits in your thread…)

i’m coming back with an update


Reflective suits… Kitch maybe not, i think on this guy it looks kinda good… what does anybody have to say… that means crits lots o crits


So what do you think about this guy?

Guys that are watching as guests subscribe and critisize that’s what we want, yeah we are all mazohists.(ATTENTION:NOT SADISTS)

So everybody C&Cs Please… (Yeah bring the wip, i don’t know if i spelt it correctly)

I’m waiting, it’s what pushes me forward…


He has very good modeling so…i think that u should make him a little more visible so we can see the details on him…he looks like he is ready to kick butt…he just needs to be more rela like … :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce:


:smiley: damn cooll men welldone…
reminde me a modern batman:scream: