Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: kostandinos yiatilis


hi guys

@ terrarc :thanx for the encouraging words terraarc.

i was planning on posting some more work today but i had to go to work earlier so didn’t have a chance to write a cd with stuff.

so in a couple of hours i’m going to post in the story (i’ll have to rewrite it)

so check in later
thanx guys:wavey:

greetings to all my friends: brutus, yperfikos n the rest:thumbsup:


The image i’m making is based on a love story.

OK this guy goes to get his girl from the disgusting alien scum that have a space ship built on the carcass of a dead space monster. the civilizations of the Humans and the Dreaal come into conflict near the planet of Gresmo876. While the hero of the humans tries to get his girlfriend the human marines get into a fight with Dreall Commandos. Mechs and warriors fight stinkin aliens. While all this crap is happening the hero’s girlfriend get’s shot. She dies in his arms, in the middle of a Human Meta-Marine Squad fighting to protect their leader. In his anger he unleashes an Extreme Surge of Power known as the Sword of Justice. Cleansweeps all scum, but has lost his true love. That was quick

My image-story is titled: “Battle for Lost Love”

So the posting of the finished concept is going to wait for tomorrow… sorry unexpected events.


I like your modeling style, looks like a tough character.
excellent gun you made too :thumbsup:

are you going for details on the armour?
texture or geometry? atm it looks a bit empty, but that’s probably cause it’s still untextured.

keep it up, you’re doing great:)


@ kennym: thanx man, i’m still modelling i have added detail, but i will update tomorrow cos i don’t have it here.check in for updates

a nai kai oloi oi ellines kante search gia liatos, kazanis, mike, spiro einai kai aftoi (profanos) ellines tou cgtalk me Grand Space Opera entries


Hello kostos.
Your modeling is great!! [i would love to draw like you(kai skase)]
Can’t wait to see your final image. The mech is GREAT!!
Is the girldfriend called artemis? Because you are the hero so duuuuuhhhh the girl is artemis
Anyhow you are going great!
Please see also
its the space marine i continued modeling.
Also POST something (preferably something good).
Pame gia kafe simera paraskeui?
arxidi your drawings are awesome. :beer:


Excellent gun man. Well done!


This is the final composition in sketch form although i’m trying to fit in the alien priest and some soldiers on some flying base thingy.PLus the Human Squad will have more members and scattered dead aliens, i was just to bored to sketch’em


I added more detail to the suit. Hope everyone likes it.


very good kotso! keep it up and cant wait to see them textured
dosta ola file :thumbsup:


Hi guys:buttrock:

This is an update on things i said i would post.
Now the concept sketch: in the final image there will be more ships, more troopers, more aliens,plus i’m trying to fit in a flying base thingy with alien prists and soldiers.

If i have time i might design a human craft attacking the fish-ships(not fish-sticks).
i don’t know we’ll see…:shrug:

@ Mr micro26: efxaristo, i will do what i can, i will try hard:thumbsup:

Guys i also entered the 2d Opera Challenge, so i’ll be postin a completely new concept for that one on monday…

cheers :bounce:



very well style
good detail:) :thumbsup:


great update like promise! i like your marine , sharp blade from armor make it look unique !! good luck and merryXmas,


Exelllent modeling:
I really liked your work.Hope to see the textured versioin and the final work!:slight_smile:


Very nice!:slight_smile:


Nice updates here Kwsta! :thumbsup:

Only thing that kind of bugs me is the upper leg parts…they don’t seem to solid…:shrug:

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS…(kind of late but…)

KALA XRISTOUGENNA oti epi8umeis…:slight_smile:


just two chamfer cylinders at the moment


after a few “shift+moves” it gets a little compl…icated


after a few “shift+moves” it gets a little compl…icated


another view


just a wire from above