Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: kostandinos yiatilis


The gun from a side view


Just showing it from a differnt angle


Just a lighting test. He doesn\'t even have hands yet.


Uuuh, I like those glowing things (the spikes and the cables)! The modelling is also very well! Only the Head of the guy looks a bit strange. Maybe you should make his cheeks a bit wider. I hope the textures will be as great as the modelling, with rusty metal look! Good job so far…


Edit: Now I see the last Pic! With this lighting I see it’s you should make a wider chin instead of wider cheeks…


Hi kotsos

Nice modeling and design an imteresting concept, although I would show more of the making of,

all the models, as they like to see how you make everything rather than the finished object.

nice work!

paul p patina!


nice modeling! i like the gun ,it’s unique! but i agree that the head is a bit strange , maybe u r working on it , good luck!


i went for a more stylised look on the central hero (than my concept i mean, i got rid of the more clunky look)The other humans will have similar suits, but their faces won’t be visible.
i also modelled the gun.

i have a problem with my internet connection so i can’t update as often as i would like to…

keep posting, as always i “demand” your comments


man! this guy is wonderful. I like hos style. It looks so massive and strong. I only don’t like the connection of arms and torso. I’m waiting for next udpates! great job!


thanx for the comments guys…

everything is work in progress, but the head is modelled after my own photo i’ll send a close-up render when i can… (that’s how my cheek bones r, non-existent). this isn’t my pc so i only have what i was intending to post…

thanx again


Re: to Patina

i’ll bring wireframes (smoothed and non-smoothed) next time, probably the day after tomorrow… (plus i keep all my models in stages so anybody can check that my work is mine)

if i had max installed on this pc i would send them right away.

on second thought i might be able to update from another friend’s pc in about 3 hours so check in i might have updated (he is also into cg so he has max installed) and i have my models in the cd with the posts (as i said earlier: i have no net (bouhouhou))

i’ll be waiting for comments on the wires n stuff



I like the gun, but the suit looks like a very soft rubber, especially in the upper legs. The face has nice promise.


This is a wire


Another wire


Another one


Cos i had some comments on the face this is how it looks close up and it looks just like me (whatever that may mean to u)


just another one


Hi guys,

just an update on some things.

I know the thigh on the char looks kinda strange, it’s because it’s a copy of the forearm…
so till i fix it…

i want
i need
comments comments comments



Plus everything has no textures on them (except the face, it’s from another project of mine)

It’s just a blinn shader with cranked up highlights, that’s how it should look…
it won’t look like that in the end cos i’m going to texture


OK guys yesterday i was lookin around in the forum and i discovered that i have to help u guys, send tips and techniques and stuff in general. i didn’t know. sorry

so from tomorrow u are getting the storyline finished concept of the whole scene (not just chars n stuff). and techniques that i use for modelling

sorry i didn’t know (it’s my first challenge) so i’ll start with modelling

how do i model:

at first is the concept (i change it if i see it sucks)draw rough sketches, lots of them especially for characters it’s a huge plus, when u r familiar with the character you can model him on the fly. i noticed that most of my friends who can’t sketch as easily as i, can’t model characters or have enormous difficulty, so start sketching. (another tip don’t model your own face it becomes obssesive you are never happy with the way it looks and everybody u know says it looks like someone else and everybody that doesn’t know you says it looks just like u)
plus i also find that anatomically incorrect models can collect more WOWs than anatomically correct ones. huge deltoids and non existent waists for example might seem like something out of a comic, but they add extra WOW-iness to your superhuman create - ures (creatures sounds kinda bliach).
i start with a primitive (usually a box, cylinders for chest, arms and legs),then i convert to editable poly and use symmetry,shell and turbosmooth.deleting polys, extruding edges creating shapes in general is easy cos u have show end result on, thus u see what u r modelling (or what max is modelling for u). armor plates and machinery can be modelled in seconds. also use vertex weights and edge creease saves modelling time. chamfer stuff or use chamfer cylinders and boxes (extended primitives) u will see a huge difference when that narrow highlights appears on the edgez of a model.

i make the base shape for the gun (example) then i duplicate or detach pieces giving them other shapes depending on the concept. after the main modl is finished i add different details with primitives ,copying, resizing, multiple copies (previously i modelled everything attached, you know shapes and stuff by extruding the base model i discovered that in mechanical modelling this is stupid since it takes too much time for a small amount of detail)

then i make things like wires and hozes (the line tool in max is the best for this) u just turn on render mesh in the modify panel.try to make them attach to things like small cylinders so they look as part of the model.

detailing, another trick is using the lattice modifier on either a clone or parts of the object this makes missing panels and panelling in general a piece of cake
for armor, reusing the parts that u have already modelled is a quick shortcut, especially if u want more than one set of suits.
another trick is random extrudes (i use a script from blur studios (thanx guys))
and i use advance painter (another script) for painting on thing like vines

i also use z brush, the only problem with zbrush is that it exports to maya and the geometry from the import to max is problematic, it doesn’t soft-select correctly and generally doesn’t behave as i want it to. so i use it for objects i know will be staticn (non0deformable)
zbrush can give good detailing on character wounds, scars, wrinckles and generally bumps.
the arm in the alien model is modelled in zbrush

also a technique i started using some months ago for stills, is to texture in photoshop straight on the final image, thus avoiding the painfull process of uvmapping for one still
dirt and most of th imperfections surfaces have can be added in post (the only problem is when u r dealing with reflections). the alien is a composite of a clay render (a render with only a skylight and gi enabled), a scanline render with one light and texturing in photoshop (just 2 minutes in photoshop) plus a duplicate of the whole image with a wave/riplle filter.

shading: falloff is one of the maps i use more frequently, u can do alsorts of cool stuff like fading edges, glowing insides(like subsurface but a fake).

another thing on modelling characters flowlines and quads is the basic idea. u stick to quads till they interupt the flowlines. what i mean is don’t get obsessed with quads stick to the flowlines. plus for hi-res modelling insert geometry for wrinkles and places where the skinoverlaps, u will see a differnce when u skin the model and use the skin-morph modifier in max 7 where u can make wrinkles that show when the arm bends when the fingers bend, even veins and stuff.

i’m currently working on my my BA research on muscle simulation once it’s finished i’ll upload it to my site(which is under construction as u might of noticed, since i don’t have net and we are making it with a friend of mine (ARIS, aka brutus,aka gray)and it will host some other friends to ( if u are interested mail me)). in my research i explain ways of simulating muscle movement and things like vein and wrinkle protrusion(thus the correct modelling of them).

ok this is all for now, i’ll check in tomorrow (as u know i don’t have net at home)
so bye

and i am waiting for comments on this mini tutorial


Hey Kwsta! I really found helpful your looong explanation! :thumbsup:

I’m more of the “Everything on 3D” school…but for such needs and deadline would be a nice idea…

Also your work is progressing really well! Nice to meet your face by the way! Agree with neble for the upper foot of the suit. The gun looks quite interesting…

Waiting for some more…:slight_smile: