Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: kostandinos yiatilis


@sinaris: didn’t see the post thanx man, we’ll see


Check out full resolution image here

check out the other option in hi-re here


:bounce::bounce:[color=RoyalBlue]Thanx to every1: thanx guys for ur support:bounce::bounce:[/color]

thanx: niki for ur support
thanx:DimLiatsos fro ur crits and pointers
thanx: sinaris for u pushing me in the right direction
thanx:skls for helpful tips,although a bit late
thanx:ixor for being as bad as u could
thanx:darkone for your critical eye
thanx:yperfikos for your encouraging words
thanx:arxifikos cos u are kammenos
thanx: Dr Robert, k esi argises
thanx: arturo, for ur crits and help on the site (i updated the interface, check it out)
thanx artemesia66 for ur usefull crits (shut some mouths of some people)
thanx:blackdragoncg for yuor interest for popping in from now and then
thanx:terrarc for greeting me
thanx dimitrisK for having long conversations over the net with me
thanx: virtuoso for a crit that meant lots to me
(the guys/girls in yellow gave me lots of support and i thank them especially)

good luck to every1 who participated in the challenge:bounce:

nice knowing everyone
until the next challenge

but wait the results haven’t come out yet
we have some time yeah

check out some hires versions here and here

…i’ll try and pop in again in a couple of days…

…i made friends on this challenge…

i didn’t expect it…

i hope everyone likes my images, i think their interesting, they have a style
next time i’m going to tottally kick ass…

…and if some things are true thanx to this challenge by febuary a will be working in the cg industry…

thanx again:thumbsup:

(stop suckin up…i used emoticons yeah)


if you want to see kotsos hi-res pics please go here and here


Nice job dude!:thumbsup:

Good luck with your entry! It would be nice to get one’s hands on such awsome goodies eh!

Getting good equipment is my next major challange !

I don’t know anything about the CG industry in greece but wish you luck finding a spot there for you!



Hello kotsos! :slight_smile:
Nice to see this one finished mate! :thumbsup:

Wishing the best on your entry!

Kalh epituxia!:slight_smile:


wow … beautiful artwork :thumbsup:

good luck





I like the 2 foto you created for final , but i most like the one with the yellow color

Whatever you choose …

Good Luck!:thumbsup:


Great final image, Kotsos. I think my personal preference was for the blue one without the girl–there’s more contrast in the colouring and lighting, but this one is very dramatic. :thumbsup:


Ur final image is incredible! once again you pleasantly surprise me (the last one was the surprise party :smiley: ) Cya around!


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