Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: kostandinos yiatilis


kostandinos yiatilis has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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This was my original idea, i’ll stick to it. I’ll like the second one too but it doesn’t have thbe girl…


this is the alien consept


another consept






these are concept art sketches for my project. the final image will be composed by lots of images with one main scene.
i will post more stuff. send in comments their not just welcome, their necessary !!!

kostas for u guys

(hello to aris ,lefti,alexis,andreas,timon, kaleas and all my other friends)


hi guys1 This is an update to the previous concept of the alien mothership, which is supposed to be built on a dead space monster carcass. modelled in max like the alien of the previous post


Wow- you’re off for a flying start! Wonderful ship model - really good. :thumbsup:


Nice job kotsos!!! It has a very unique presence with that deep sea creature shock factor when you first lay eyes upon it.



Yup…u did come with an impressive entry man…Oreos Character kai Ship…:thumbsup:


The details on the alien


Concept on the human mothership that will feature in the final image


great beginning man! your sketches are very good. First models also rock:eek:

what to say, I’m waiting to see more:twisted:


Thanx guys,

i’ll try to keep up the good work, i’ll post more concepts, models n stuff so pop in for updates. (Efxaristo se olous tous patriotes).

Thanx again

My site will be up soon featuring work of my own and my friends


Pretty smooth start neighbour! :thumbsup:
I like alot your concepts and the alien model start looks great and promising!
The mothership model so far is great too!

I would like to see some sketch on your vision of the final composition! :slight_smile:

Kalh arxh!


wraia douleia kalo xekinima . Imprassive concepts design really unique spaceship i love it good job :buttrock:

will be checking for more:thumbsup:


The sketches are pretty good. But i also would like a sketch of the final composition. Good luck!!


Man, that’s some good work… Keep it up dude… (Kammene…)


concept of the priest alien


This is the model for the human hero . no textures just lighting. U probably need to crank up the brightness of your screen.