Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


Yeah! very nice concept you have here … And I really love the idea of mixing past history with future science-fiction …

Good luck!!!


The top of the tryptic is by far my favorite part. Although doing a tryptic would be a cool idea, I think the image would feel a lot more epic on it’s own.


This is a Fantastic Idea/Concept! That sketch/painting alone gave me goosebumps!

I look forward to seeing how this plays out!


Thanks everyone.
If I do go with the tryptic, I will most likely re work all three images.
The original ones were just to get my idea out of my head.
I’ll do some more research and drawing.
I would really like to have each of the panels to have its own color theme,
then they will work better together.
If I go with a single image I have a few pencil sketches of that too.
I just need to get them in the computer.
Still the real challenge will be the design of the ships. I want to retain much of the original design, but you know cooler and spacier. he he.
I would love to get that familiar but strange and fantastic feel.

wish me luck!


Those concept scetches are super nice wor looking forward to see this in 3d.


Nice concepts, looking forward to the 3d. Good luck:)


Great concepts. Keep it up.


I did another sketch tody at lunch. I can’t upload from work sooooo…
I’ll do it when I get home, that is, if I don’t for get.
I think this one would be the canidate for the single image.

Thanks for the support.


Oh man … patiently waits for next sketch. :smiley:

These are really nice Kory. I kind of like the bridge scene since it shows the captain and his ships as they journey across the galaxy. However, it is a bit “Star Wars” like, as already mentioned. I’m sure you’ll have the details worked out better.

Always been a fan of your 2D paintings & I’m looking forward to seeing this one in the final judging.


Here is another concept pass.
I refined the final panel and I think I just may focus on this one.
I still want to push the foreground a bit and may fudge the composition some more.
But, basicly this is it.
I still need to do more research and design the ships.


nice concepts men!! very nice!!!

Best luck!


Beautiful work on those concept images, great use of color palettes and composition. the ship design is really nice thus far, I think it will be a nice and refreshing change in this challenge

good luck


This is sublime stuff - really you should consider competing in the 2D section :slight_smile: Great composition, colour and style. I can’t fault this at all…



Wow… Everything is great here so far. I’ll keep an eye out and good luck.


Really love that last concept, wow!


Looks great man. I really love the “pirate” design.


NIce work. I really like the third concept, the one with the purple hue, I’d rather have the bg people in some kinda action though, maybe carrying stuff off the ship…


love the idea can’t wait to see it in 3D


Truly exceptional. Concepts are amazing!:love:

The new landing concept looks slightly more dominant and powerful than the previous one, so it’s very effective towards the whole grand theme.:smiley:


hm… I really like the pose & coloring of the purple sketch. The color of the sky seems more alien, which I think is a good contrast to the historical motif… and that pose is very emotional.

The last sketch was a little over-the-top in the retro styling, imho. If you can maintain a good balance between past & future I think you’ll have an excellent piece on your hands.