Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


Hmm… a close call, but OK, I’ll give you that :smiley:


hehe, fight, fight, fight! :slight_smile:


ha ,
I actually know what you are talking about, as far as slowing down and thinking.
It’s not so much that I don’t have to think I when I draw, it’s that when I am in 3D all my
decisions are more deliberate and conscience. This is what slows me down.
Also there are so many more skills and steps involved when creating 3D.
My co-workers here in my department, wich is ALL 2D, are amazed that I can do 3D at all.
However, I am constantly reminded that compared to the guys in,say, the MODELING department, I am a usless hack. Man, those guys are amazing. Inversly, they think it’s amazing that we can draw.
wacky huh?

Anyway, I am glad that this has started some fun conversations!
keep up the comments and insights, they are always welcome.


Kory man I must congrat u, I love the feeling and style of this image, inspiring :thumbsup:



what happened? your work is not listed there:(


I better check this out.
thanks arturro!


Yes fight! It would be unfair as being objective your work should be among the very top ones!


where do u vote??? :shrug:


your work is not there…


Yeah, that is odd; you better check with Mibus.


guys aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourselves, AFAIK the start of voting hasn’t been announced yet (would surprise me anyway) and I am sure if there is a problem they’ll get it sorted

and what you were describing before KOryH does indeed sound familiar, but then 3D is still quite a technical environment in comparison to 2D, it requires a different way of thinking


Hey FlyingP,
Yes perhaps a little ahead of ourselves indeed, but, I would like to take care of it sooner rather than later. I will be doing this off line so no need for further comments on the matter.

Back to art…
I don’t know a bout that. there are some people that seem to modle as fast as I can draw.
I think tha it is a matter of comfotability to the tools.
like the difference between watercolors and oils.


agreed on the other issue

and yeah a lot of it is indeed a case of getting experience with the tools and the environment, just it’s still a case for us 2D guys as well, that we have to start at the begging with 3D like everyone else, the skills needed a very different I feel, with exception for a good feeling for lighting and composition perhaps


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all fixed.

the luxury of having a good idea of where you are going is invaluable.
meaning. planning out the image with a fair amout of detail and direction
goes along way.
As part of my process, I jumped back and forth between 2D and 3D quite a bit
in order to figure out what was going to work.
I did the most experimenting in 2D because it was quicker for me.
once I had a plan and a 2D “template” for the peice everything in 3D was much easier.
I made the mistake early on to jump into 3D before I had my head really wrapped around what I was trying to do. I lost a lot of valuable time.
Luckily I tok several weeks off, because when i got back, I had a fresh look at it and realized somethings that should be changed.
Another thing planning in 2d helps is in knowing where to add detail and where to not be too concerned by the lack of it.
For example, I don’t have much of anything modeled in the back of the ships, beacuse they are not in view. I had originally planed to model them completely, but that would have been a waste of time for the final composition.

blah blah blah,

sorry it’s late and now I am just blabbling on.
thanks for all the support.


hmm… i just read those nice posts about art - it’s something which makes me think for a longer time now… those spezialists who are really awesome in a particular thing… it’s something which makes me envious to see how someone can draw, and how anotherone can model, and the third one can create great mood with simple tools… because i am not a spezialist in any form… which means i’m interested in so many things, i really CAN’T focus on a special thing and do this all the time. so i’m relativly useless for the big industry, i think.
at work i’m programming tools for 3ds max and realtime-engines. building low-poly models and stuff. at home i try to draw, write and visualize things, because i feel i have to. but i think i’m not that good at it (comparing to the great guys here). hmmm… just thinking, sorry :slight_smile:


sorry, another thing Kory - i saw on your HP that you worked on the concepts for the game ‘legacy of kain’ … it’s funny, it’s the game my girlfriend plays all the time :slight_smile:


keep falling into the same damn trap to be honest :banghead:

we all have to start somewhere, which I think is what we were covering in a round about way, give yourself some time


yeah its about proper disapline and planning. that is what makes an artist more professional.

do what you love is my best advice.
you will love the things that you are good at and be good at the things you love.
that’s my belief anyway.

And Yeah I was the lead concept artist on a couple of those games. I haven’t been at the company for a couple of years now but still have some close friends there. They were fun games to work on. I am always amused when I find out how much chicks dig those games.
I am glad someone is playing them.


Kory, Congrats on your awesome piece, its a beauty! Best luck :slight_smile:


This really came out great… I wish this had been the meeting scene at the end of the movie “Contact” instead of the cheese they threw at us…

Great work!