Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kory Heinzen


Oh Hey more replies,
Sorry I am so slow!
Don’t worry I am still working on this. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and up load any images.
some of the tings I have done are…
A group of “natives”
More vegitation
Final modeling and poses for Chris
composition tweaking.

As for the question about the hair.
I am using Worley Labs Sasquash and Lots of trial and error.

And I will not have time for the 2D part. besides that’s what I do for a living and the 3D is a challenge and fun for me!
Thanks for the kind words!


come on i wanna see update :smiley:


here is an update of some jungle stuff.
I still want to add more detail and get it lusher.
I still hav eto tweak the lay out to get the eye flowing like I want.
More character stuff on the way


Here is our main guy almost done!!!


respect! this guy is just amazing… maybe only boots seem to small


The guy looks great! :thumbsup:
Jungle stuff need some more lighting and shadows me thinks…:shrug:

Waiting for more! :slight_smile:


I like it, one with feeling. The new face on the dude is perfect, yes he
looks like he could be good or bad. The background fading is nice. That
is just what I am working on now. Gotta add a foggy starry sky with space art.
All i can say as a crit is maybe make the guy a little closer to the front. That
is just make him a tiny bit bigger. Or not. Great the way it is. About time I
checked this thread again! This one goes to 11.

my 3d entry


HA! Just a “LITTLE” update uh!? :slight_smile: MAN!U DID IT! GREAT STUFF AGAIN!The hairs of ur character are so well done!Great job!Also the rendering style is cool!.


WoW… really WoW… great update u made there!!! Only one thing: On the forearms and knees are weird foldings. Are they meant to be so? :surprised


This is just beautiful…I would love to have an a3 poster of this when it’s done…Could it be arranged?

Cheers! And please don’t worry about my request if it inconveniences you!


Kory !

Congrats on your newest ! Nice to hear things are going well for you.

This challenge is beautiful. Following your progress now that I’ve discovered it.

Drop me a line sometime.


hey thanks Doug and everyone else.
We are in the final strech!
good luck to all contentants.

I will try to post new stuff soon.
I am still struggling to find a composition I like.
I better do it soon.

see ya


Yeah, final stretch… that’s when most work get’s done :). Good luck :thumbsup:


Excellent job Kory,really a appealing character,alot of personality and “character”…The environemnt tests too are beautiful,a very nice pallette of colors and tones,dreamy…Hope to see more real soon…:arteest: :arteest:


Here is another layout tweak. and some more lighting and the ships.
I did a few things in PS to help with the next time I am in 3D.


Hi KOryH,

nice update… just one proposal: Maybe there could be an additional strong lightning coming from the viewers place. Some alien light or whatever just cool enough to grap the attention of this explorer standing on this vine.


Yeah I am planning on having quite a number of natives hiding in the jungle and one greeting.
they will have some lights with them. but I want to keep then mosly hidden.
I need to play with the contrast and all. that will come together in compositing and PS at the end.


KoryH…i am glad u are still…man…why am i suspecting that your final compo will kick butt?..ehhh…why?..:thumbsup::bounce::thumbsup:


Well I started rendering and am doing everything in chunks and layers.
I will add some more atmosphere and mood in the final stage!


here is a quick update.
I uploaded a pic that was a little too

Final stages are fun and stressful.
ggod luck everyone!