Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Ko Jaehyuk


Ko Jaehyuk has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final_explorer

It’s a final image.


It is space ship that take a picture contain necessary information by digital camera from universe.


Nice and original idea, but you have 12 hours my friend… so hurry up:)


This spaceship is made by polygon and NURBS.
Space ship body made by NURBS and all camera by polygon using Extrude Face in Maya.


It is spaceship that textured in Maya screen.
Camera shaped round have a bump textured map and a specular textured map in Photoshop.
Camera shaped box have a bump textured map, a specular textured map and color textured map in Photoshop.


Contrasted strong light which come from outside and feeble light which come from opponent.
Also, strong light is warm and feeble light handled cold color.


It is rendered image using Maya software render.


It is a composited image using Photoshop


It’s a final image.


Thank you for reply.
Just 12 hours… But I think I can. ^^…


Thank you for reply… just 12 hours… But I think the time is enough. ^^…


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