Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Kenny Molly


I went back to the characters today, base geometry for the alien is nearly done, don’t know if I will give him hands and then place shackles around them, or just model the arms into a combined big shackle. considering there probably won’t be more aliens in the scene, so I don’t really need one with hands.
will see if I have the time.


I made two quick compositions in photopaint with the background included to what’s in the scene atm and with the adition of the research facility.

the first one is how originally intended the scene to look like, the second is more how I have been rendering the last WIPs.

setting 1 allows the second facility to be shown (made a box to illustrate), but imo looses focus on the big elevator.
setting 2 doesn’t show the second facillity, but I could add some close up details in the front to fill up the gap in the corner.

suggestions would be appreciated.


the angled one is stylish but i like the strait on has more of a steril ominous feel


thanks for the crits mate:scream: , after hearing the opinions of several people it appears that the straight on view you like is the most popular one…

I’ll probably stick to that one and add some kinda diagonal lines in the composition leadin to the center, thus accentuating that area more:)


Hi there Kenny,

Great progress in only a few days!:thumbsup: (I am amazed at the excellent first use of emoticons):smiley:

I also believe the first setting impresses the most. A whole space view, filled with attacking ships… come on, you have to show that in full glory! One question though, will you still be able to notice the alien and his captor, looking out into space? Will they be big enough to be noticed in such a large setting?:shrug:

By the way, I have never read a book at work before reading the first 200 pages of American Gods in one day. See you this weekend. (Duvel will be waiting):beer:


lol I believe that Duvel will be very welcome after finishing this :beer:

I was wondering about the same two things…
I’ll see what the scene looks like when I render it in full resolution. If it doesn’t show enough ot background and main characters, I’ll make a variation on the original idea I had about showing the scenes on video screens.

I may place two bigass screens showing exactly the stuff that possibly won’t be shown enough in the front view…

update is following shortly :scream:

and I’m not surprised that you are devouring American Gods hehe, or is it the other way around…:smiley:


main chars done, hope to render fast enough to get at least an hour or two to do postwork.

wanted to up these as a final WIP before I enter my final submission.


final :slight_smile: thanks for the crits, comments and other kind words. First run here at a CGN challenge, and it’s been sweet, till the next one =)

big version :


can tell you put alot of work in to your pic looks very good… my only comment is that the floor looks to tiled… but other than that its very moody … love the ships behind the big window… all together very good idea and a cool picture man


Voila Kenny, I see it is all done! I checked the big one also on your website, there is great detail there. As already told you this weekend, great job. This probably was one learnsome thing to do. When is the next project???:smiley:

I ADORED the borg impression you posted on the website. Lovely charachter:bounce:

See ya later.


Tyler: there are several things I would have put more time into…:shrug: like I mentioned the other night, next time I will lock my door and switch off my phone for 2 months :wise: lol
thanks for your support through this mate, bigger next time :scream:

Anthony: do you want a big render of the character, mate? it can be arranged hehe :twisted:
btw, see how all your Star Trek influence rubs off on me :smiley:

I know you don’t consider yourself a real CG critic, but you do know your SciFi. So your opinions throughout the challenge were very welcome bud.

I learned a lot of new things from other members, but also a lot about my way of working.
it was a great experience, and one I will be happy to repeat :buttrock:


Hey Kenny ,
Nice image, I really like the large space you have created with the great view of the space outside. Great job and good luck.:thumbsup:


Thanks Mike :slight_smile: getting the background visible enough was one of the main issues with this piece, I’m glad I found a way to pull it off:bounce:


Great work. My congratulations! good to see you among the crazy and insane dudes who actually finished on time! Well done. And yes, your background space is awsome. I love the colors, they give a mnice fantasy spirit to it. Good luck now and see you on the next challenge:twisted:


hey arturro, thanks for the comments, glad you like the result :slight_smile: I won’t miss the next one, rest assured.:scream:


Hi Kenny… congratulations on finishing your first entry on CGN. this was a first for me too and can’t believe that I am looking forward to the next challenge for a challenge it certainly was! Great final picture though - will keep an eye out for you in the next one. Good luck! :thumbsup: Claireabella


Hi KennyM,

very nice final you uploaded here. Congratulations !!!


Claire: the biggest challenge was with myself on this one. So much one can add that shows off their skills, but in a scene this size you always encounter things that are relatively new. been great to force myself to overcome these issues as good as possible. It was truely one of the best and most fun learning experiences I had in a while :thumbsup:
Thank you for your support throughout the challenge, I’ll see you in the next one…hopefully soon :applause:

theuni: thanks :slight_smile: glad I got to finish hehe, main achievement.:twisted:

Good luck with your entries guys/girls! and thanks again for the support:bounce:


Congrats kenny…You did it.And did it quite nicely.I really like the end product.You fought the good fight and in the end ended up with a fine result.Beautiful colors and a very nice scene…Plus you did what only 10% of people actually could do and thats finish…One thing about these challenges is the great experience everyone gets in learning how to actually finish…Big step that is and you did it and did it well…It’s been real nice meeting you here,and I hope our paths cross,you are a cool guy as well a good artist…Again congrats and well done,all the best to you…:arteest: :beer:


Michael, it’s great to have met you too. I haven’t found the guts before to enter any of the previous challenges, mainly cause of the high level of skill in all the regulars’ work.
It was a pleasure to arrive and meet people willing to comment and advise on my work.

Let me know when you’re in Belgium next time, so I can buy you a drink :beer: (and maybe you can give me some insights on those sweet images you make :smiley: )

In the meantime I’ll be around. I’ve been so fixated on the challenge I haven’t even checked out half of the forums here :blush: .
I have some exploring to do hehe, so you’ll probably run into me again.

thanks again for all the support mate!:arteest: